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Congratulations to a wonderful friend and incredible bard, ArdentTly, who is now a sucessfully published author.! Run, don't walk, and read her amazing stories located here
Watch for Mark Alger to be then next Center author to hit the big time. The Dolly adventures where born right here at the Center. For an enjoyable read, check out The Dolly Saga.

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Fan Fiction and Poetry Index

Mark Philip Alger

"Official" Dolly Apocrypha site 


Congratulations to Mark Alger on the publishing of The Hi T Shebang.


Click here to purchase your copy

Xena Warrior Princess Episode List for       Virtual Seasons 7&8

Various Bards

For the Episode List click here

James Bergquist

Near You Always (alt)
Fear and Clothing in Poteidaia (alt)
    Parts 1-4, 5-7
Wannabe...Pest...Hero (alt)
Busted! (alt)
Cursed with Charisma (alt)
    Parts 1, 2
Just Checking In (alt)
Unknown is my Heart's Tale (alt)
Songs of Everyday Life (alt)


He Sleeps
The Fire Within

Tim Wellman

Bowlin' for a Brusin'


The Secret - Parts 1-15 (alt)
It's all in the Translation (alt)


Whispers in the Dark
Thoughts of a Bard


Old Silk Hat (Alt)
Grammar 201 with Clotho(Alt)
Murder at Besser Creek (a center tale)
A Massage on the Beach (Alt/Uber)
Beaver Hunt (Alt)


Shattered Mirror (new)
Strength and Vulnerablility (new)
Endless Circle (new)
Sacred Trust (new)

Patricia Shields (ArdentTly)

Ardently's Garden (poetry)

A Destiny Denied (alt)
A Good Day (alt)
Ardent Warrior...Passionate Bard...Jealous Queen (alt)
Burning Embers (alt)
An Urgent Knead (alt)
Xena/Eve Parody




A Strike is Still a Strike

Rab Donald

The Wager (alt)
Entering New Territory (alt)


Xena and the Reef of Nike
Saga (new)


Unchained Melody Parts 1-2 (alt/uber)
Unchained Melody Parts 3-4 (alt/uber)

CFXS Staff

Between the Hammer and the Anvil (alt)


Study As She Goes (alt/uber)

Trish Evans

Hello from Callisto (filk)
Devastation (filk)
Amazon Grrl (filk)
Velaska's Song (filk)
Tribal Chaos (alt)
Bardbowl (alt)








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