Xena Alternative Fan Fiction

Just Checking In
by James Bergquist


This story was written without the knowledge or consent of MCA/Universal and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights. This story is for intended for mature readers over the age of 18 as it contains both violence and explicit love scenes between two women. If you are offended by either, or both, of these subjects I suggest you don't read any further.

This story is the work of the author and is protected by copyright. Please gain permission before copying and/or publishing any or all of this story.

The scene opens with a dangerous battle. Ares, God of War, and Hope are cornered by Xena. Joxer, Hercules, and Iolaus lend a hand as all battle each other when..........

Hope: Give it up mortals! Dahak is all powerful and the oceans of this puny land will flow with the blood of the children....

Hercules: Never, you unholy stain of evil...We will all die to stop your father's plans! We will never surrender..(Picks up a column and throws it to 5 Dahak stuntmen/followers. They catch it and fly back.)

Xena: Uh, nnngh..*grunts* Today is your last day, Hope! (A Dahak stuntman/follower swordsman starts fighting the Warrior Princess. Xena trades blows and defeats him. Then, she glances across the room and smiles) Oh, cool! Lemonade!

(In the opening of the temple, a woman stands with a large tray of lemonade and cookies. Xena does her flips and is first to grab a cup and some cookies. Everyone stops what they are doing to surround the woman. All grab a glass of lemonade. All except Gabrielle)

Gabrielle: (whines) Mom?!? I can't believe this...(stomps her foot) I'm busy right now....

Hecuba: Hi, honey. I was in the neighborhood and I thought you and your friends might be thirsty..Hi, Xena

Xena: Hello, Hecuba..(Hugs Hecuba)

Gabrielle: Mom, you don't have to do this. I'm a grown up now. I hate this...*throws her staff down in a huff*

Hecuba: Young lady, I won't have you talking to me like that! You may be Queen of the Amazons, but I'm still your mother! I came by to see my daughter, but she wants to be a baby. You pick up your staff right now and act your age....

Gabrielle: Yes, Ma'am....(Picks up staff) I'm sorry. (pouts and kicks the dirt)

Iolaus: (whispers to Hercules) Gods, if my mother popped up like this, I'd just want to crawl in a hole...

Xena: Thank you for the cookies and the drinks, Hecuba. Everyone! What do we say?

All to Hecuba : Thank you

Hecuba: You are so welcome. How are you Xena dear? Still got cramps like last night? (Xena turns 3 shades of blushing red as everyone giggles. Hecuba sees Hercules)You must be Hercules!

Hercules: Yes, ma'am..pleasure to meet you.

Hecuba: Gabrielle has told me so much about you! Oh, such good manners..and big arms (Hecuba stares in amazement as she absentmindly rubs Hercules' bicep) Oh, my...is it getting warmer in here?

Gabrielle: Mom, stop it..you are humiliating me.

Hecuba: Oh, Gabrielle. You didn't get your lunch I packed you...(Hands Gabrielle a bag as everyone snickers)

Gabrielle: Thank you, Mom..(Hugs Hecuba) Is that all? I have to save the world now...

Hecuba: Oh, she can save the world and have time to defeat the Gods. But, no time to write her mother or visit. I bet Aries visits *his*mother..

Aries: (Evil smile) Three times a week

Hecuba: See..three times a week..and are you going to walk around Greece *all* the time?

Gabrielle: Mother, we had this conversation before. My life is with Xena and I'm a bard. I write and save lives..I'm happy with it.

Hecuba: Oh, Gabrielle. If it makes you happy...

Xena: It does..

Gabrielle: And Aries is not my "friend" He's a vulture, Mom. He chews on the entrils of the innocent and kills thousands of people everyday. He commands the most evil armies...

Hecuba: At least he has a carieer.

Gabrielle: (Stomps her foot) Mother....

Hecuba: Just kidding, dear..I don't care where you go or what you do. I still love you...Let me get back home. I love you so much, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: I love you, Mom..I'll come and visit you after I'm done here..Thank you for all the stuff..It was nice. (Kisses Hecuba on the cheek and hugs her for a long time)

All: Awww!

Hecuba: You're welcome. Bye, Xena. Take care of Gabrielle

Xena: I promise I will. Bye..

Hecuba: And next time you come over...you two have to stop jumping on the bed..You and Gabrielle make so much noise...(Xena and Gabrielle blush and hide thier faces. Everyone laughs)

Xena: Oh, gods! That woman....

Hecuba: What's so funny?

Gabrielle: (Smiles nervously) Nothing, Mom. Bye. I love you...(waves)

Hecuba: Allright. Bye, everyone...

All: Bye!

(Hecuba exits)

Hercules: Jumping on the bed, Xena?

Xena: (Looks around) Well....

Gabrielle: Xena!

Aries: Whoa! Looks like Xena's a little bard-whipped..

Xena: Hey, Aries. Maybe I can put some Hind's blood on my boot and then break my foot off in your ass?

Gabrielle: (Picks up her staff) Now that I'm offically humilated in front of everyone, can we continue?

(Everyone nods in agreement and the battle continues)

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