Xena Alternative Fan Fiction

Velaska's Song
by Trish Evans


This story was written without the knowledge or consent of MCA/Universal and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights.

This story is the work of the author and is protected by copyright. Please gain permission before copying and/or publishing any or all of this story.

I luv to cut thumbs
I luv to cut thumbs
I luv to cut thumbs
Cause it's good
Luv to cut thumbs
Like a Goddess should
Being a Goddess
Is so good

Thumb for Me
Is a thumb from you
I once stuck a thumb in
Tigg's old shoe
I cut off thumbs
Who ever's available
I once put one on a table
I could cut off thumbs
All night long
I got fifteen digits
Tied to my thong
Thumb dumb doo
And thumb dumb dat
I cut of thumbs and that's a fact

Tonight is a special night
I blew up thumbs with Dynamite
That's right
Thumbs from Trojan infantry
Someday I'll get the thumbs of that Gabby
Thumbs from you
Are Thumbs for me
Can't believe Meg
Gave that Joxer VD

White thumbs, Dark thumbs
They all come loose
I put them on my horse
For later use
Thumbs in the oven
And thumbs in the Toaster
I sometimes set them out on a coaster
I wrap up the thumbs
in aluminum foil
Maeve tends to masturbate
When she smokes oil
I put some thumbs way up high
I once diced the thumbs
Of a Corinthian spy

Thumbs from girls
Thumbs from boys
My favorite pair of thumbs
Came off of Roy
Thumb gum goo
Thumb gum gickle
When I cut off thumbs
It don't tickle

Oh I want the thumbs of every being

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