Xena Alternative Fan Fiction

Hello from Callisto
by Trish Evans


This story was written without the knowledge or consent of MCA/Universal and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights.

This story is the work of the author and is protected by copyright. Please gain permission before copying and/or publishing any or all of this story.

To the tune of 'Hello' by The Doors

Hello, I hate you
Don't need to know your name

Hello, I hate you
Gonna cause you some pain

If I catch you in the street
I'll blind you before you have time to speak
If you think this is a lie
I'll stick this dagger in your thigh

Hello I hate you
Don't need to know your name

Hello I hate you
Gonna cause you some pain

I'll hold my head up high
When I make your family die
My arms are vicious and my legs kill some
And when I move your head will be so gone

My army crouches at my feet
I talk to rats and I'm not that sweet
Better pray I don't see you fool
Better pray I don't cut off your to**

Hello, Hello . . .

To the tune of "Head Over Feet" By Alanis

My only wish, is to kill you!
I see my sister, burning time and again
I'm pissed about it!
I've yet to kill, the Warrior Princess
I'm not used to, frying like that
Valaska don't ask how my day was


You've already killed my whole family and spitted me
So, don't be alarmed that I shot you from that tree
And, don't be surprised that I hate you for all that you are.
I couldn't help it. It's all your fault.

My hate runs thick, it swallowed me whole
The oracle told me that I'm maniacle
That's society's problem

'Repeat Chorus'

You'll bear the brunt of my malicious deeds
Don't hold your breath.(To Xena) I'll kill your family
So just be patient

Repeat Chorus

Gabrielle's the shortest Amazon I've ever met
She's your best friend
Best friend with benefits
I'll kill her before long
I've never felt this angry before
I'll escape the lava, I must rational (yeah right)
I am a god now
I am a god now

Repeat Chorus

The End

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