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Cursed with Charisma - Part 2
by James Bergquist


This story was written without the knowledge or consent of MCA/Universal and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights. This story is for intended for mature readers over the age of 18 as it contains both violence and explicit love scenes between two women. If you are offended by either, or both, of these subjects I suggest you don't read any further.

This story is the work of the author and is protected by copyright. Please gain permission before copying and/or publishing any or all of this story.

Author's Disclaimer: All characters of this FF of Xena:Warrior Princess except for Barnaby are copyrighted and owned by Renessance Pictures and MCA/Universal Pictures. No copyright infringement or spelling errors are intended. No dinars were made in the making of this story. I do it for the love of Xena:WP (And for the groupies) This story contains assassins, lambchops, violence, drinking, a prettyboy, a little balderdash and a giant love between two consenting women friends. Don't like any of those things, stop right here. All my love and apprectation to my heart, Vanessa Nayfa. All my thanks to all who write me, to CFXS, the Xena Dollies, Jocasta, El Presidente For Life Mary Cornwell, Sandy Shay, Mary Draganis, Tim Wellman, and Chakram 1. All feedback welcome at jhb3@webtv.net

Gabrielle and Xena have been in big messes before. But, this one was the size of a Titan. Her best friend, at the mercy of the deadly hands of a strange man. Her staff, also in her hands. But why isn't he attacking? Gabrielle was visually shaken as Barnaby drank from his mug as he asks her a chilling question: "What do you do now?" And the Bard didn't have a answer.

Xena twitches her head back and forth. "Allright, Barnaby. You have me. If it's my life you want, take it. But let Gabrielle go. You have no grudge against her. If your going to kill me, do it. If not, my dinner is getting cold and I'd like to eat."

"Oooh. Xena the badass. I see you still got your balls." Barnaby taunted. "And I see you still love to play games with your targets." Xena smoothy retalated. Gabrielle threw herself on top of Xena. "Please, Barnaby. Xena has changed. I love her so much. If you kill her, I can't live. Don't.." Gabrielle asked the handsome killer.

"Stand up please" Barnaby suddenly asked. Gabrielle was stunned, but shook her head in defiance. "No. I'm dying with Xena" Gabrielle sobbed and held on to the Warrior tightly while placing her head on Xena's chest. "I'm not going to hurt you. I need to take the whammy off of Xena." Barnaby informed the stunned duo. "Wh-What?" Barnaby threw Gabrielle her staff and she caught it expertly. "You depend on your staff too much, Gabrielle." Barnaby told Gab as he taps on Xena's hips and shoulders, releasing his hold. Xena stands and takes her sword from Barnaby's hand. "Who sent you?" Xena asked as the seasoned killer strolled to the hero's table. "You won't believe me." "Try me" Xena replied as she tore into her lambchop. "How can she eat now?" Gabrielle wondered. "Ephiny ring a bell?" Barnaby asked. Xena stopped chewing and stares as the color drains from the Amazon Queen's face.

Xena grabs Barnaby's shirt and yanks him forward. "Don't fuck with me, old man." Barnaby puts up his hands "Hey..watch the shirt. Very expensive." Xena drops her grip Barnaby brushes off and continues "Let me explain. I have no grudge against you, Xena. I heard of your change...and you made me think of the terrible road I was traveling. I mean, if the most heartless and feared warlord can change.." Barnaby shrugs as Xena listens. "I was evil like yourself. A greedy monster..killed for money anyone over 15 winters old. I was sadistic, calculating. I loved it, but it eventually ate away at my soul. I hungered for challenges. Now, you save lives and make a difference. I want what you have. A second chance." Gabrielle gave a warm smile to Barnaby. "It's never too late..Xena and I now fight for the Greater Good." "The Greater Good. Wow...sounds great." Barnaby mused to himself. "Oh, it is. That and love. Pure love" Xena tells Barnaby as she holds Gabrielle's small hand.

"I was ready to retire from my 'family business' when this woman approches me. She introduced herself as the Regent Queen of the Amazons, Ephiny. She searched for the best mercenary around and heard from some trusted sources that I was the man. She was concerned for you and Gabrielle. She thinks you two are getting cocky and needed a good spanking. So for a large amount of dinars, I was assigned to attack you within a period of 10 moons. We only met twice, she swore me to absolute secrecy and the attack was at my discretion. This was 7 moons ago."

Gabrielle shook her head. "I can't believe this. You have proof this is true?" Barnaby snickers and pulls a scroll out. It's Ephiny's offical seal and handwriting. Gabrielle reads to herself details of the secret plan. "I'm so sorry, Gabrielle. I need to scare you a bit. Make it as real as possible. And I owe Xena a apology too." "Hey, no problem..." Gab read to herself more into Ephiny's reason for this test and asking for a big favor. A really big favor.

By the look on Gabrielle's face, Barnaby knew the Queen just read the next part of the plan and leans over to Xena. "Ephiny wants us to do something else. You, Me and Gabrielle." "What?" Xena inquired..Gabrielle sighed and handed Xena the scroll to see for herself. "Ephiny feels the Amazons are getting soft. So, I'm going to test all the Amazons. Sneek into the land past the sentries, into the heart of the village, and sneek into the Queen's hut undetected. One last great challenge. And I'll get a 5,000 dinar reward *IF* I succeed."

Xena rubs her chin "The scroll says you are to get the Queen's permission to travel in Amazon land. Nothing about dragging us along. Ephiny is the only one who knows and you'll just need Gabrielle's statement to get you through." Barnaby wraps his arm around Gabrielle "Hey! Why go the boring route when I have the real thing ready for a great adventure!" Gabrielle gives a irratated smile. then violently headbutts Barnaby in the face. His head snaps back and he falls on the floor. "Oh, gods..Little moody there. See that, Xena! She's got spunk..try and put *that* on a scroll." "Sounds like cheating to me." Xena raises one eyebrow. A supreme smooth and innocent smile crosses Barnaby's lips " Cheat? I never cheat. I improvise." "Good. Because it'll cost you 3,000 dinars" The smile disappears. "What? 3,000!" "Amazon Queens are expensive, Barnaby. Bossy, but expensive." Gab drops her tea cup to the table "Hey! I'm not bossy! I'm just right all the time." Barnaby huffs then, agrees to her offer. "Allright....deal. Next time you gonna screw me this hard, kiss me first." Barnaby holds out his hand. Gabrielle and Xena shake, sealing the deal.

Xena watches as Barnaby rises to retire for the night. "Night all. We head out in the morning?" Xena nods "First light. In two nights, We're gonna give the Amazons a little wake up call." Barnaby bows to the ladies and then makes his exit. "Xena, should we do this? I don't want to get anyone hurt." "He's not going to hurt no one, Gabrielle. If he even causes a sore throat, I'll kill him. But Ephiny is right. Amazons are getting slack and you, as Queen, are going to put them to the ultimate test. The former King of Assassins is coming to visit.."

To be continued...

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