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P>Callisto, in a basic leather tunic and breeches, wandered the streets of one of the countless villages. Her eyes were cold, empty and distant. Her face was young but clearly worn. She carried only a small dagger on her belt.

The village was filled with indistinct chatter and people rushing past. Callisto seemed not to hear or see any of this. She just blindly walked on.

No one really seemed to notice her. Those who did look at the girl simply shrugged her off as a lost stranger. No one even asked if she was okay.

A cry from a young girl was heard for a split second and then was drowned out by the village noise. Callisto's head snapped in that direction. Her body tensed and she headed toward the sound.

Off on the side of the street was a little girl across a man's lap. His hand raised high, ready to strike the girl's backside. Callisto seemed to be in some sort of daze.

"Daddy, please, I didn't mean to," Callisto, a few years younger,pleaded.

Her father's hand made a loud contact to Callisto's backside. "You'll learn one day, Callisto, you are not allowed to touch weapons." His hand crashed down again.

Callisto reached out and grabbed the strangers big arm. Shocked, he and the little girl both looked up at her. The man's eyes showed surprise. The young girl's eyes showed fear, tears and relief all in one shot.

"What do you think you're doing, little girl?" the man asked Callisto as he easily shrugged out of her hold.

Callisto remained silent.

"Get lost, girl, this is none of your business." the man said, turning backto the girl across his lap. He raised his hand again and the girl squeezed her eyes shut ready for the sting.

Callisto quickly drew her little dagger. The man looked at her and then laughed. He went to swing his hand down to the girl's backside. Callisto lashed out. Blood spilled. His hand fell. A strangled cry.

Callisto remained still, looking at the blood that coated her blade. The little girl slid away from the lifeless body. Callisto knew that look.

The girl was happy to be away from the beatings. The girl cried for the lose of the father she loved. Yes, Callisto knew that look all too well.

A villager noticed the dead man and yelled out. Callisto snapped out of her shock. She ran. Ran like Hades himself was at her heels. She ran for what seemed like eternity. In the cover of nearby woods.

Low hanging branches whipped her face. She stumbled and fell. She keptrunning until she dropped from pure exhaustion.

Callisto looked down to her hands. She still clutched her blood stainedknife. Instead of throwing it away, Callisto stared at it. The sun grew low when Callisto finally moved again.

She reached a hand out to the blade. She ran her finger along the now dried blood. A small, sickening smile crept to her face.

She settled herself down to sleep. The knife nuzzled close. The sadisticsmile still on her lips as she drifted off to sleep.

She dreamt...

Callisto, her sister, mother and father laughing and smiling. Her across her father's lap. The sting of his hand on her backside. Her mother and sister watching from the other room. Her silent plea for them to stop him went unanswered.

The four of them eating dinner, Callisto and her sister telling their smiling parents about their day. The hand crashing down on her backside.

Her friends running in the night. Fire surrounding her. Smoke filling her nose. Horses filling the village. Screams. Her family screaming. She ran to the barn. Flames ran across the top and sides. She stopped.

Her silent pleas unanswered. Their screams unheard. She turned. A tall goddess with ice blue eyes, black leather and cape. She sat majestically upon her mighty war horse.

Callisto stared. The goddess turned. An evil grin of joy on her face. Theloud crash of the barn collapsing.

Callisto woke well before dawn covered in sweat. Her heart was pounding and her breathing was ragged. She quickly sat up and the knife fell to the floor with a clang.

She turned and looked at it. She picked it up slowly and turned it around in her hand, studying it. Her eyes became alive, her love and hate clashed for that goddess. Her purpose was clear. One last time she ran her finger along the blood on the blade. The smile returned. The smile so like the goddess'.

IT HAS BEGUN............

The End

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