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Copyrighted by ArdentTly, 1998.

Burning Embers

by ArdentTly


Xena looked across the fire, burning holes into the back of the woman before her. The bard could sense this, of course, but made no move to hurry up and finish packing away their supplies.

Xe gripped her sword and once more lay into it, running the sharp flint back and forth against the already wicked edge. The warrior's eyes never once stopped their roaming; every inch of the bard's body was perused, catelogued and mapped.

Gabrielle could hear a low rumble emit from the back of her warrior's throat. She knew she'd been pushing her luck, taking so long, making Xena wait. But she was feeling particularly frisky tonight. They'd been in the company of Autolycus for what seemed like forever, but was probably only days. However, it was an intrusion that neither one of them appreciated.

Keeping their hands off each other was almost impossible let alone toning down their obvious love/lust in speech and mannerisms. They'd bade the King of Thieves adieu just an hour before. The damnedable man had taken his own sweet time about leaving, too. Gabrielle knew the man had major feelings for her warrior. She and Xena had talked about it often enough but the warrior always put it down to infatuation.

Gabrielle was sensing a little jealousy however, as if the man was aware of the attraction between the two women and either wanted the bard out of the picture or perhaps play some part in a joint session.

Gabrielle had no intention of entertaining that least for now. She had only been with one man: Perdicus; had only been in love once: with Xena. She was too wrapped up in her intense emotions with her warrior to entertain any other prospects.

Suddenly, Gabrielle noticed that the continuous snicking at stopped. 'Must have been wool gathering', she thought as she slowly began turning around.

"C'mere. Now." The tone in Xena's voice left little doubt as to either woman's next moves. Gabrielle gulped loudly and placed nervous hands behind her back. She enterlaced the fingers and then turned fully to face her lover.

She was unprepared for the sight, however, and as Xena slowly began to disrobe, it was all the bard could do NOT to fall to her knees that very moment. She shook her head slowly.

Xena grinned ferally as she watched the bard's eyes caress every inch of her slowly exposed flesh. She saw the rising burn of passion enter the woman's eyes; turning them from sea green to almost brown. Truth be told, she loved to watch this transformation; from travelling companion to full blown partner in all things.

Xena had discovered just what kind of libido the bard possessed almost thirteen moons ago. They'd finally been honest with each other after their near deaths at Tripolis. Xena could feel the anger swell in her belly once more as she remembered just how close the damned Persians had gotten to killing both of them. Had they known just how emotionally and physically spent Xena had been, well, they might not have turned tail and left so quickly. It had taken every last ounce of her failing strength to fend off the last two soldiers and get the antidote to Gabrielle. The warrior had slept for a good four hours, not even moving an inch.

When Xena had finally awakened, she found the bard nicely nestled into her arms. Although the woman seemed to be burning up with fever, she had a strange smile upon her face. It almost spoke of being home at last.

Gabrielle shook her head slowly again. "No."

The warrior's eyebrows shot up her forehead into her hair line. Oh, this would be good. 'So, it's going to be like this', she thought.

"I said, 'come here' and I meant now.' she purred. She decided to sweeten the deal and let the front of her leather bodice fall open. 'Ah, now that has your interest, eh?' she chuckled to herself.

Gabrielle watched as the top swell of her lover's breast was exposed. She could have whimpered as she followed Xena's finger, slowly moving down between the luscious mounds and trembled with anticipation as more of the tantilizing flesh was exposed.

The warrior knew the game was all but over when she reached back and untied the laces to her leathers, slowly letting them fall and pool at her ankles.

She slowly cupped both breasts, running her thumbs across the rapidly hardening surface of her nipples. She watched as a faint sheen of sweat began to drip down the sides of her bard's face. Then she slowly ran her hands down along her rib cage and began to pull down her breeches.

As the warrior's womanhood was finally, tantilizingly revealed, Gabrielle found she couldn't remain where she was. It was if a magnetic force was pulling them together. She could no more resist this powerful feeling anymore than she could stop herself from breathing. No, Xena was in her blood. Oh, and how that blood was boiling at that very moment!

Gabrielle stumbled over toward's the warrior just as the last of the woman's clothing hit the dirt. Keeping her hands tightly clasped behind her back, Gabrielle slowly moved to her knees before her goddess.

Any thoughts of a further tease went out of Xena's mind when she saw the light of love and pure devotion in Gabrielle's face. Yes, the game was over. It had been a merry chase but as usual, the bard had captured the warrior, body and soul.

The bard leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on the lower curve of the warrior's belly then ran the tip of her nose across the tangled patch of dark curls. Xena felt her pulse quicken and she placed her hand on the woman's head and hugged her close. Finally, Gabrielle let loose her hands and wrapped them around the warrior's buttocks in a strong embrace.

They stood there, the warrior and bard, each lost in the heart of the other.

Later, after many trips to the well of their desire, the women lay in each other's arms.

"I almost had you, my bard."

"Oh, and this doesn't count as 'having me'?" Gabrielle grinned began running her fingers threw the damp curls once more.

"Oh, that was funny, bard. I almost had you say those three words I love to hear. Admit it: I almost won."

Gabrielle grinned and then chuckled. "Yes, I admit it. It was close. But I didn't, did I? Oh, and those words; were they 'separate cheques, please?' or 'get my saddlebag', or..."

Her mouth was suddenly covered by that of the Warrior Princess. Their kiss deepened once more and Gabrielle finally broke the embrace, gasping for breath.

"Oh, gods...I thought we were going to get some sleep tonight."

Xena smirked and slowly sucked the bard's lower lip into her hot mouth. "Guess not."

Gabrielle took the warrior's hands and placed them on her hips. She moaned slowly as they moved behind and cupped her buttocks, kneeding them roughly.

"Okay, alright. You win. 'Take me, Xena.'

The warrior chuckled deeply and began feasting on her lover's neck, moving slowly down to the swell of her breast.

"Was there ever any doubt, my love?"

"Never." Gabrielle grinned mischieviously.

There was no sleep to be had the following night either.

The End

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