Gabrielle, Bard, Amazon Queen


Known Facts About Gabrielle, Bard and Amazon Queen

Place of Birth: Poteidaea, greece
Height: 1.63 metres (5 feet, 4 inches)
Hair Colour: reddish Blonde
Eye Colour: Pale Green
Build: Medium
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Profession: Heroine, Bard, Amazon Queen
Favourite Colour: Blue
Second Favourite Pasttime: Shopping


Mother - Hecuba, house wife, also of unknown religious affiliation. Has lived and prefers a rather more traditional lifestyle than                 her eldest daughter, Gabrielle. Being as she has two strong headed daughters and a difficult husband, this implies a                 strong will and great endurance. However, the development of her character in the official Xenaverse has been minimal.
Father - Herodotus, a Greek freeman and farmer. A difficult and domineering parent, he made every attempt to force Gabrielle to                stop telling stories or acting in an untraditional manner. This stance has made him unremittingly hostile to Xena for                helping Gabrielle defy his will, perhaps even more than for her dark past.
Lila - Younger sister. So outstandingly different from Gabrielle in personality and appearance that she seems to be of different            parentage, Lila finds the traditional life of a a Greek peasant woman more to her liking than her sister's wandering ways.            On the other hand, she loves her sister's stories, and admires her determination and bravery.
Partner - Xena of Amphipolis. Just as her relationship with Xena has changed her, Gabrielle has changed Xena. Few would                  easily associate the heroic healer with a haunting singing voice with the former destroyer of nations, a change in                  character Gabrielle has helped Xena achieve.
Daughter - Hope, father Dahak. Deceased.

Short Biography:
Small rural villages don't make good homes for people of unusual appearance, talent, or way of thinking. However, in a real sense Gabrielle was all three of these things, and far too strongwilled to merely buckle under her father's attempts to force her into the mold of a proper Poteidaean, although it seemed she had for a time. Like any child, she wanted to please both of her parents and win their approval. But the effort and the things she had given up to achieve this left her feeling empty and hopeless. Perhaps this is what allowed a group of slavers to capture her along with her sister and a few other villagers.

Yet when faced with the knowledge what the slavers intended to do to the other Poteidaeans, to her sister, Gabrielle stood up to them. After all, she didn't belong in Poteidaea, so being torn away from the place wouldn't cause her the suffering it was bound to for the others. And even slavery may have seemed better, or perhaps less immediately real, than the life she had where she was. The last thing Gabrielle expected was the sudden appearance of a tall woman warrior in a shift, who recued them all. There was something about her though, and even after going home, back to the same four walls, Gabrielle found the warrior had ensnared her imagination. But more importantly, the mysterious woman had given her hope.

Now that she had begun, the Fates smiled on her and Gabrielle was able to leave Poteidaea, heading toward Amphipolis and Xena... ignoring the fact that Xena had already flatly refused to allow her to travel with her. The Fates were still smiling when the young woman encountered a blinded cyclops, for quick thinking and quicker speech saved her from joining the various unfortunates on the creature's menu. It took rather more quick talking to get the rest of the way to Amphipolis, where she managed to save Xena's life and win herself a place by the warrior's side. Or at least, behind th warrior's horse.

The changes Gabrielle has experienced are expressed far more in her appearance than Xena's in hers. The warrior bard has left behind the wide eyed naivete and physical weaknesses of her past utterly. In place of a clumsy girl is a woman of poise, grace, and sttrength. And yet, she has not become so jaded as to be unable to see goodness in others or hope in the middle of the darkest hour.

by Alexiares Thearktos


Weisbrot, Robert - Xena: Warrior Princess, A Complete Guide to the Xenaverse
Doubleday, NY. 1996.

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