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All of the faculty and staff at the Center for Xena Studies are willing to deal with inquiries about their research and subject areas. For some biographical information on each person, click on their title. General inquiries may be sent to the Director.

Director - Mary Cornwell
Chief Information Officer and Dean of Humanities - Alexiares Thearktos
Senior Associate director and Chief of Engineering Services - Mark Alger
Special Projects Coordinator - Batwing
Coach - Mike Vivian

Poet Laureate -ArdenTly        
Dean of Curriculum-Beboman                                                                         

 Dean of Critical Thinking and General Studies - Snarky
Dean of Journalism - Rhiannon Silverflame
Assistant to the Director - ArielX
Dean of Archaeology - Angela Vitale
Curator of the Fine Arts Collection - KaiRobin
Associate Director and Dean of Student Affairs - Rachel
CFXS Enforcer - XeDoll
Assistant Enforcer and Defender of the Scrolls - CallyDoll
Dean of Women's Studies - Gabrielle Dolly

Mary Cornwell, Director
1998 to present, the current Director of the Center for X Studies on the campus of East College, the institution founded by Gabrielle Francesca East, the young former factor of Olympia Holdings, Ltd. a local girl made good. She'd grown up within sight of the Groveport campus... was a member of one of the original settler families who'd arrived here just after the Revolution. Her father was an archaeologist, away from home every summer. She was a tomboy who desperately wanted to follow her father into the wondrous world of the ancient past. But her mother would not permit it. She ran away from home at an early age and ended up working for Hephaestus in Indonesia in the late seventies. By the time she was... (Cont.)

Alexiares Thearktos, Chief Information Officer and Dean of Humanities
Proudly numbered among the more mysterious and eccentric members of the Center faculty and staff, Professor Thearktos first arrived at the tail end of business hours on a muggy summer's day, curriculum vitae in one hand and a bulky, well patched backpack in the other. By the end of business hours, she had a job and a dusty corner office, pending relocation to a new building under construction. Most people at the Center soon learned that the new dean was involved in something very hush hush in Canada's far north, and that a sharp need for relocation inspired her to make a trip to Ohio. Somewhat unusually, Professor Thearktos holds a concurrent virtual chair in a western Canadian university, and so torments... (Cont.)

Mark Alger, Senior Associate director and Chief of Engineering Services
Having burned out as a guitar hero at the tender age of 15 and three twelfths, Alger finished his upper school career without particular distinction. He would have likely gone straight to work after school, but the draft was still on at that time, and no sensible hippy dude wanted to go to Vietnam, so he allowed himself to be matriculated at MIT.
(He later saw this as a gross travesty. Less than six months after his 18th birthday, [with a lottery number in the 300's], Nixon ended the draft.) Nevertheless, the young lad embarked from his home in Ohio to Cambridge, where he spent the next four years within site of MIT's famous dome, save for summers, which he spent in Athens, Greece. Emerging from... (Cont.)

Batwing, Special Projects Coordinator
Travis Matheson or Batwing as he is sometime know as (ohhh, top-secret code name... that you all now know. DAMN) came into existence in 1976, or possibly earlier than that, but maybe later. Who are we to define his timeframe? His early years where of no consequence, well not to him anyway, though those who suffered the results of his actions may beg to differ. He was educated at a small rural school in Victoria, Australia where he began to develop his superior intellect and godlike physique. After School he decide that the life for him was to be that of an international trendsetting playboy, but lacking a sizable fortune to squander he had to settle for less. First came across the Centre for Xena Studies in... (Cont.)

Mike Vivian, Coach
My name is Mike Vivian. I was born Jan. 11,1963. I work as a PC technician. That means I upgrade, repair Pc"s install software & hardware. I Started out watchoing the Hercules Movies and then when Xena debuted, I started watching that and was hooked. My hobbies are video games, on-line role playing games, chatting with my friends, writing Fanfic, reading
books and flirting!<G> I have dark hair and hazel eyes. If you need to know more,please ask. I'm very good at sharing.

ArdentTly, Poet Laureate
I'm a fan fiction writer and sometime poet. I'm a published author, having two of my poems published last year. I've done a couple of stints in college, both times were at either end of the spectrum - fine arts and business administration. I've been a parent for almost 14 years and a struggling artist for a good deal longer. I enjoy watching weight lifting, boxing, figure skating, luge, Olympics, and pornography. I enjoy good food, rare beef, fine wine, chocolate, Pepsi and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

Snarky, Dean of Critical Thinking and General Studies
Doctor Lola C. Snark was not originally a woman, but a transsexual bi/gay man (born in Vancouver, B.C.) who, after attending UBC (where s/he gained hir doctorate in Liberal Arts), finally decided to take the plunge and become hir real self. Due to a traumatic incident with a boyfriend, s/he left hir home country for the US. S/he is still only partway through transitioning, the final operations to change her genitalia still to be performed, and due to hir current *missing* status, s/he may very well never finish it... And should s/he return from parts unknown, s/he may very well regret having ever left Canada, for so _many_ reasons... (Cont.)

Rhiannon Silverflame, Dean of Journalism
Despite the Celtic pen name, I'm a twenty-two year-old Filipino kid from Los
Angeles, and slowly working my way toward a degree in Linguistics at
California State University Northridge. I have three major obs . . . loves
in life: Xena, the Indigo Girls, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. By
extension, I'm a Xena fanfic writer, an amateur guitarist/songwriter, and a
head usher for Nederlander West's Broadway/L.A. theater venues. Something
of a webmaster as well: I run my own fanfic website, and, a
semi-official website for the cast members of the former L.A. "Hedwig"
production. I'm currently working on my first uber novel, and looking to
get involved with theatrical sound/light tech work. And all these nasty
rumors of my caffeine addiction are . . .entirely founded!

Angela Merrow Vitale, Dean of Archaeology
I am currently a law student  at Capital University in my second year. I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction books, doing counted cross-stich (sewing), cooking, watching educational tv (like stuff on TLC, and Discovery), and dancing. I used to write poetry-used to because I haven't written anything new in over a year. I also like watching Xena, Iron Chef, and dead people shows (if you have to ask, you don't want to know). I am active in my religious community, and I run a list for new or moderately advanced students/followers of Wicca. I obtained my undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University in Classics.
KaiRobin, Curator of the Fine Arts Collection
I am currently a student at DeVry working towards a degree in Computer Science. I am a novice webmaster. I love to collect graphics of Lucy and Renee. I also a fan fiction writer of Xena and Star Trek. 

Rachel, Associate Director and Dean of Student Affairs
I  have been around the Center since the early days. If you want to know something just ask I might tell you then again I might not.

XeDoll, CFXS Enforcer
If I tell you I will have to kill you!

CallyDoll, Assistant Enforcer and Defender of the Scrolls
aka Cally, Callisto East ...
There is only a couple of weeks between the birth dates of the oldest and the youngest of the CFXS "dollies" -- the beings created via the Leaf/Redpath CASIC procedure from animae, (contained in Xena: Warrior Princess action figures), cast into autoclone bodies. But that scant fortnight might as well be a decade for the difference in maturity, for example, between Xe Doll(second oldest), and Cally Dolly(youngest).
All of the dollies suffer from a combination of drives. They are all young. Gabrielle has the most experience of life... (Cont.)

Gabrielle Dolly, Dean of Women's Studies
aka: Gabrielle East, GFE3. Called simply Dolly by her intimates.
Dolly is an artificial person, a melding of the anima of Gabrielle Francesca East (GFE1), the founder of East College of the Americas and the Center for the Study of the Unknown, (later the Center for XStudies), and an autoclone body. She was created using the Leaf/Redpath CASIC method of adclonal transmigration on the evening of February 14, 1998. (Her official birthday is 2/14/71.) Immediately, she became the subject of a worldwide hunt on the part of the so-called Progressive Gods, most of whom she had slain by April of 2005... (Cont.)

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