Center for Xena Studies Faculty and Staff


All of the faculty and staff at the Center for Xena Studies are willing to deal with inquiries about their research and subject areas. For some biographical information on each person, click on their title. General inquiries may be sent to the Director.

Director - Mary Cornwell
Chief Information Officer and Dean of Humanities - Alexiares Thearktos
Senior Associate director and Chief of Engineering Services - Mark Alger
Special Projects Coordinator - Batwing
Coach - Mike Vivian
Poet Laureate - ArdenTly
Dean of Critical Thinking and General Studies - Snarky
Dean of Journalism - Rhiannon Silverflame
Assistant to the Director - ArielX
Dean of Archaeology - Angela Vitale
Curator of the Fine Arts Collection - KaiRobin
Associate Director and Dean of Student Affairs - Rachel
CFXS Enforcer - XeDoll
Assistant Enforcer and Defender of the Scrolls - CallyDoll
Dean of Women's Studies - Gabrielle Dolly

Mary Cornwell, Director
...thirty-three, she was on the fast track to the elite group of the ChosenÉ those factotums of the gods for whom limitless wealth was their salary, and for whom all the money in the world could not buy them what they really wanted. Now in her early forties, lanky and rail-thin as sheŐd ever been, her blonde hair still as bright and soft as it had been in her girlhood, she was the Director of the schizoid institution - in her own home town - that the gods had made the agent of their handiwork.

Prefering to engage in her studies rather than to exert her personality on her domain, she is only a fair administrator, but seems ideal for an academic institution that has not funding worries. She has an able right hand, so does not need to exert herself administratively very much.

My real life persona :

I graduated with a B.A. in Classics from The Ohio State University. I am starting graduate school in Women's Studies. I am Xena fanatic, writer of fanfic, Webmaster and the list owner. My hobbies include antiquing, my aviary and writing. One day I hope to teach in a college setting.

Alexiares Thearktos, Chief Information Officer and Dean of Humanities
...the faculty of institutions on two continents. She is far too fond of explosives, computers, and beautiful women, not necessarily in that order. Over time professor Thearktos has become the main creator of alarming security related items on campus, and has a determined conflict in progress with the Trolls, whom she feels are far too anal and spoil really good explosions by shooting regular bullets back instead of launching grenades. Her laboratory, now colloquially referred to as the Bunker, has become a regular dispensary of Cadbury's chocolate, grade two dynamite, and a beautiful woman of some scientific repute.

Of course, real life isn't quite this much fun, but I'm working to ammend that. having already finished a degree in geophysics and determined that a pure office job would drive me stark, raving mad, I am working on a degree in archaeology with a focus on the Near East, Greece, and parts of North Africa. To finance my university habits, I get by on geophysical and archaeological work, as well as those lovely jobs that require a good pair of work gloves and steel toed boots. In order to make greater use of my webmasterly talents and knack for the visual and written arts together with strong political viewpoints and organizational skils, I'm working on adding semi-professional activism to my business card so as to synch up what I believe in with how money arrives in my bank account. (Working for the oil industry is no fun when you're an environmentalist at heart.)

Archaeologically speaking, there's a masters to finish and a potential Phd in the wings. Real life has finally forced me to get a (gasp, choke) cellphone. Writerly speaking, I have a novel in progress and a finished book on Amazons to my credit, as well as a clutch of short stories and far fewer poems than CFXS' Poet Laureate, ArdenTly.

Mark Alger, Senior Associate director and Chief of Engineering Services
MIT with a BS in electrical engineering and raccoon eyes earned spending all his spare time playing with the TMRC's, (Tech Model Railroad Club... America's first hacker society), train set, he went to work for his coop sponsor, Hephaestus Industries Ltd., S.A. This latter point was a sore spot for him. It could be seen, however, to be his own fault. While he was busy playing with trains, his classmates were earning class standing and thus hoovering up all the good summer jobs at firms such as IBM, Burroughs, Sperry-Rand, and DEC.

Four years later, he was to discover his employer's true nature and eventually have the last laugh. Hephaestus, aka Vulcan, was and remains the God of Fire and Industry in the Graeco-Roman pantheon. After the so-called Twilight of the Gods, he turned to amassing and holding as much wealth and power in temporal terms as he could. By the 20th Century, he was well established as the head of an immense, (if totally secret), commercial enterprise that controls perhaps one percent of the world's wealth.

Alger, in turn, having made substantial contributions to the growth of HILSA, was amply rewarded and, at the time of his forced retirement was made only slightly less wealthy that Bill Gates. In fact, it could be said that he was better off than the Microsoft founder, as Gates's wealth is tied up in Microsoft stock, while the bonusses Alger earned from HILSA were in gold bullion and banked in Switzerland, where they form the core of a massive amount of capital which earns an incredible income.

From 1972 to 1997, Alger was employed in various capacities by HILSA. Late in his career, he took on the position of Hephaesus's Chief of Magic and Gadgets and was hailed as The Artificer by the Attic Trolls who provided security to HISLA and other Enterprise installations. Then in 1997, he was diagnosed with a mysterious disease that made it impossible for him to continue with HILSA. (Rumors abound, the most reliable being that his disease was potentially deadly to the Gods who employed him.) He was given a generous retirement package and found a sinecure as the head of the maintenance department of the Center for Xena Studies in Columbus Ohio.

One of the last tasks he performed for HILSA was a favor for a member of the East families, one Semiramis East, who was employed as a line producer by Pacific Renaissance Pictures in Auckland New Zealand. The nature of the favor is lost in the mists of time. It is notable for the fact that, as a token of gratitude, Semiramis gifted Alger with a "six-pack" of Xena: Warrior Princess action figures... dollies... in their original Toy Biz packaging. There were one each of Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto, Velasca, LaoMa, and Autolycus in the 12" models.

The dollies were a hassle from the start. To begin with he had to convince Greek customs at Pireaus that he wasn't smuggling either drugs or some odd American pornographic fetish into the country. Then, once he reached HILSA headquarters in suburban Athens, he came in for unmerciful ribbing from his co-workers, including one incredibly crass and painful campaign of practical jokes by a pair of Low Elf humorists that involved stitches and considerable Gold Bond ointment.

Despite the grief he got, Alger couldn't quite bring himself to throw the dollies away and, when he came to rest in his old loft apartment in Cincinnati's Over the Rhine, they were still among his gear. Unbeknownst to him, Hephaestus's wife and partner, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, had made an aftermarket addition to the stock dollies by giving them souls, thus bringing them to life. By the time Alger became aware of this, it was far too late.

Over the following months, as he settled into his new life after 25 years abroad, Alger nearly forgot about the dollies. He had unpacked them, of course, and arranged them on a windowsill in his loft, then left them to gather dust and fade in the sunlight that poured in the West-facing window. Months later, he noticed that they had done neither and had occasion to wonder at it.

Then they announced that they were alive.

Life began to get interesting.


More prosaically:

Mark Alger is a graphic designer and technical writer living in Cincinnati. He is nowhere near as interesting as his fictional alter ego. He is currently attempting to gain professional publication for his stories of Gabrielle Dolly.

Batwing, Special Projects Coordinator
...1999 after he bought a magazine that had a list of Xena mailing lists. He crashed the scene bringing with him his misinformed opinions and his inappropriate comedy. He left the list in late '99 citing personal reasons but the truth was that he was launching a coup to gain control of Australia and most of Asia with plans to march his forces through Europe by the end of 2000. After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of his fellow warlord Phil (not helped by the fact that his minions decide to take a sick day) he slunk back to plot world domination again. In 2002 he was brought out of seclusion by Mary, the CFXS director who promised him riches beyond his wildest dreams if he would return and lead the ravaging dolly armies of the CFXS. Turned out that it was the Ravishing dolly army, and he never got the chance to lead, but they did lead him onÉ (Damn you GabDolly). He then found a lab out the back and refused to move until he got his legions of Terror. Being that it was the main research facility of the Centre, Mary simply made him Special Projects Director. His days are now spent trying to devise a super weapon that will wipe out all non Xena loving life on this planet leaving only the faithful to inhabit the planet under his totalitarian rule. But until that day comes he continues his role as special project director (but only because the coke machine is kept stocked and the canteen has a wide variety of pastries).

Mike Vivian, Coach

ArdenTly, Poet Laureate

Snarky, Dean of Critical Thinking and General Studies

Rhiannon Silverflame, Dean of Journalism

Angela Vitale, Dean of Archaeology

KaiRobin, Curator of the Fine Arts Collection

Rachel, Associate Director and Dean of Student Affairs

CallyDoll, Assistant Enforcer and Defender of the Scrolls
...with ten years. They have the hormones of peak adolescence in the mature bodies of women in their twenties. They are, for the most part, unrestrained by convention or social mores. They have had little or none of the usual socialization that "normal" humans have. Callisto, as the youngest, seems some times to be trying to make up for her late start.

Cally is an innocent. Cally dresses in provocative tatterdemalion, exposing vast swaths of firm, tanned flesh through artful slashes in the fabric of working-class costumery. Cally is open, forthright, and seems unaware of the effect of her naked sensuality on those around her. Cally acts on instinct, on impulse, without thought for consequences, meeting her desires of the moment with no care for tomorrow.

The urgent sexuality of her spirit shows in everything about her appearance, from her taut muscularity to her languid movement, from the undeniable *presence* readily seen on her face. Unlike Xe, who can upon occasion fade into the background and observe with sucked cheek and hooded-eyes, her face held in expressionless assessment, Cally's expression is always intent and... *forward*. Even when she is trying to act mysterious, there is always a hint of droll amusement in her eyes and lips, as though she is keeping some delicious secret from you.

Like all of her dolly sisters, Cally is omnisexual... interested more in sensual experiences than in the sex of a particular partner. She stands 5'8" tall in her bare feet and weighs a touch over 110 pounds. Her hair is pale, almost white, and cottony in texture. She wears it off her collar. It floats around her head in a pale nimbus made paler in contrast with her nut-brown skin. Her large brown eyes alternately crinkle and bug in broad expressions that animate her sharp-jawed, high-cheekboned face.

Unlike her sister Gabrielle, who had the advantage of ten years in a time loop to get an education, Cally went straight to work out of the CASIC lab and therefore can seem a little dense at times. This is misleading. Under that cotton mop there is a very sharp mind, quick to learn, observant, and facile. She does, however, lack some of the maturity of her elder sisters.

Cally is employed as a bodyguard and general factotum in the Center's Office of the Director, frequently assigned to the Director's personal detail. Her official title is Enforcer. She lives in a low-rent apartment south of Columbus, drives a beat up old Mercury Lynx, and is constantly between boyfriends. She likes to party and plays lead guitar in Gabrielle Dolly's All Grrl All Doll Band.

Gabrielle Dolly, Dean of Women's Studies
aka: Gabrielle East, GFE3. Called simply Dolly by her intimates.
...Matriculated at East College from 1988-1998.

Degrees: BA's in Music, Physical Education, Classical Studies and Oriental Studies, BS's in Archeology and Anthropology (double major,individual degrees). MS in Forensic Anthropology. MA in Language Arts (Award for special distinction in studies in Sanskrit, ancient Chinese dialects, Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Urdu, Hindu, Arabic, Hebrew, modern Greek, Turkish.) Special achievement certificates from the College of Arts and Sciences and from The Physical Sciences School.

Special occupational training: Two months at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Women's Basic Underwater Demolition School.(WBUDS, Patterned after the Navy SEAL program.), Jump school, Ft.Bragg, NC. Outward Bound Colorado. Class 5 Climbs rock climbingschool. Troll Basic Training, Camp Meander, Jackson, KY. Advanced Troll Guards Specialist Training, Jirhum Ra, Kashmir. Clandestine/Covert Operative Training, The Farm, (location undisclosed).

Is a Federally qualified, licensed Private Investigator/Firearms Instructor. Holds rank of Agent Specialist in the (former) Troll Guards, (Troll Action Teams, Regiment Arcadia, Tenth Ohio Trolls), and is an honorary billilaalu as well.

Lives in a loft in Cincinnati's notorious Over the Rhine and commutes to her job as Dean of Women's Studies (a sinecure) at East College/CFXS. Shares living quarters with her creator and mentor, Gilbert Duncan Christie, six cats, and a brownie named Brown Mab.

Likes to drive fast, wear bright clothes and pheromonic scents. Plays a mean guitar.






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