The CFXS Resource Library


The CFXS Resource Library

Welcome to the Library, where an all manner of articles can be found. There are four main types: media articles on X:WP and its cast members, articles that cover related historical and archaeological topics, humorous pieces, and the various guidelines that help make visits and contributions to the Centre come out their best. Submissions are always welcome, and may be forwarded to the CIO or the Director.


How to Have a Good Time at CFXS
Map of the CFXS Campus

Historical/Archaeological Articles

The Weapons of Xena and Gabrielle


How to be a Writer


Hail Caesar
Greek Identity
Petronius and the Satyricon
Romulus the Master Spin Doctor
Women in Ancient Rome

Useful Links

Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies
Archaeology on the Net
Forum Romanum
Bulfinch's Mythology
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
The Ancient Greek World
American Philological Association
Electronic Resources for Classicists
Ancient Greek Site on the World Wide Web
Ancient History Sourcebook-Rome
Ancient History Sourcebook-Greece
Maps of the Roman Empire
Maps of Ancient Greece
Chronology of Greek History


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