What CFXS is About

A Discussion group of Xena the Warrior Princess Television Show, subtext friendly. This is a place for an exchange of ideas, a creative outlet for writers of fan fiction. We also entertain discussion of other TV shows of interest to our members; i.e. Buffy, Angel, Farscape, Dark Knight, First Wave, Charmed, X-Files to name a few.  Expect lively discussions about the characters of these shows and often times discussion of episodes. Fan fiction is also premiered on the list. Enjoy!!

Posting to the List

First and foremost - flames and destructive comments won't be tolerated at the Center. Subscribers who break this rule repeatedly will be suspended from the list. If you encounter a post that you strongly disagree with, either ignore it or respond in a considerate manner - it must be remembered that, whilst there will always be differing opinions, we're all united by a common interest (obsession?) and we're here to enjoy ourselves!

Please use spoiler space if you're discussing actual episodes of Xena - whether they be previous or current. The list is made up of subscribers from many countries, all screening episodes from different points in the season (or even different seasons!), so please provide some warning for those who may not have seen the episode! If you're not sure, use spoiler space - better safe than sorry!

Off-topic posts should be indicated as such by placing 'OT' in the subject header, right before the title. This gives people the opportunity to decide whether or not they actually wish to read the message before opening it.

Posts specific to Subtext Saturday should have 'SS' in the subject header, for the same reason as for OT posts. Where possible, and out of courtesy for those subscribers that don't involve themselves with this event, SS discussions should be held in the Roman Bath, a dedicated chat-room hosted by The Center for Xena Studies.

Fan Fiction

All forms of Xena-related fan fiction, or fanfic, are welcome at the Center and we encourage all bards to contribute! There are, however, a few minor guidelines that we ask contributors to observe:

Firstly, the subject header for fanfic should contain the word 'FanF', followed by the title of the work. This allows subscribers to differentiate fanfic from the rest of the posts. Please include a disclaimer at the top of the message body - several examples will be provided here soon for reference. It's important to, where appropriate, give readers advanced warning of violence and/or sexual scenes - explicit or otherwise.

If your story is in some way related to a specific Xena episode(s), we ask that you place a spoiler warning before your story.  

To submit a story send it to Comments@cfxs.com.

Comments or corrections may be sent to the Director.

New subscribers are always welcome!

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