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Curriculum Course of Study


As Dean of Curriculum, I offer you the following course of study: "The Literature and Language of Xena: Warrior Princess."

Literature, as defined in Webster's dictionary, is "the aggregate of all writings of a people, period, topic, etc." Language is "the spoken or written means by which man expresses himself and communicates with others."

Therefore, if Literature is the heart of expression; then Language is the soul. It is in this context that we ask you to explore the writings of Xena: Warrior Princess and its impact on our culture, our time, and on you, the viewer.

There have been many debates about the show which beg the question: "Why did this happen?" or "Where are we going in this scenario?" I would like to take this one step further, and ask you to compare and contrast the scripts vis a vis the writers, not limited to, but including Steven L. Sears, R. J. Stewart, Chris Manheim, Hilary J. Bader, Paul Robert Coyle, Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster.

Apart from the fact that these talented men and women have given us some extraordinary episodes, success is measured on how the viewer reacts -- positively or negatively -- which forms the basis for discussion and/or heated debate. Given the fact that Seasons 3 and 4 have spawned these types of reactions, it seems appropriate that we discuss the issues as it relates to their perception of the characters they have created.

In an interview I had with Mr. Sears, I asked him what he loved most about writing for the show. He responded: "All writers love the fact that the characters 'exist' in our minds. You'll often hear writers speak of 'hearing the voices' in their heads. So, in a sense, I'm in the heads of Xena and Gabrielle." He went on to say: "I enjoy the freedom to write stories like "Orphan of War" without having a Network saying, 'You can't possibly make Xena a mother who left her child! Or, might leave him again!!' I had a story to tell, and I told it."

When I asked him about Season 3, he said: "There has been much talk about a 'rift' between the characters. Some people think it was never to be, and still others think that we will see it in an upcoming episode. Those of you who have siblings, think about the worst crisis you ever had with them and tell me whether it happened all in one hour or if it was built as a result of years? The real answer to the 'rift' question is that you're seeing it now. In fact, you've been seeing it ever since Xena and Gabrielle first sat at a campfire together. Friendship is an expression of the surface; love is an expression of the soul. One is not always compatible with the other."

Literature and language are the heart and soul of who we are; where we have been; where we want to go. Words can persuade or dissuade; anger or elate; confuse or convince; lead you to or lead you away; empower or destroy. Xena: Warrior Princess is a phenomenon because it does all these things -- through language.

Dean of Curriculum

Questions for Discussion - 'Crusader' - and Group Discussion Exerpts

Questions for Discussion - 'The Way' - and Group Discussion Exerpts

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