The History of Xena: Warrior Princess As Taken from the Xena Scrolls


You know, it would be quite interesting to see some alternate translations of the Scrolls, or some work on the ones that haven't been translated yet. There are after all, numerous viewpoints they may have been written from.

The Xena Scrolls were discovered in Macedonia circa 1941 by Dr. Janice Covington, archaeologist, adventurer and Melinda Pappas, scholar, translator of ancient texts. The Scrolls, written by Gabrielle, Bard of Potadeia, Amazon Queen, known as Xena's sidekick and Friend, told the remarkable story of a woman warrior - Xena: Warrior Princess.

Born in Amphipolis, in a time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings, this young woman of humble beginnings would go on to become the most feared and fierce warlord of her day. Known as the "Destroyer of Nations" Xena blazed a path of terror and destruction across ancient Greece with only one mandate: anyone who raises a sword against her would die, except for women and children. One day her army, against her orders, completely destroyed a village, killing every living thing, including women and children. The enraged Xena saved a baby that had been shielded by it's dead mother's body. Her lieutenant, Darphus, who had taken it upon himself to attack the village, betrayed Xena and forced her to run a gauntlet of death. With her incredible strength and will to live, Xena survived. She was banished but vowed revenge. Now alone without her army Xena plotted her return. Encountering the demi-god Hercules, Xena engaged him in combat. If she could defeat him she could get back her army. It was not to be. Hercules defeated Xena but instead of killing her he helped her to take the path of goodness and justice. With his help Darphus was defeated and Xena set out on her own journey of atonement and redemption.

Not knowing how to right the wrongs she had done during her warlord days Xena was at the point of despair when she came upon a village, Potidaea, being invaded by slavers. Singlehandedly attacking and defeating them Xena met her one and only true Friend, Gabrielle. Gabrielle offered Xena unconditional love and acceptance, helping her to see her way to start on her path to redemption. They had many adventures, encounted gods, warlords, Titans. Fought with David against Goliath, helped to defeat Julius Caesar in Britannia. Xena and Gabrielle traveled many leagues on land and sea insearch of their destinies - all in the name of the Greater Good.

These Scrolls have been brought to life by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert in the epic TV Series: Xena: Warrior Princess. Starring Lucy Lawless as 'Xena' and Renee O'Connor as 'Gabrielle.' The adventure continues...

- PatC, Historian, One of the Keepers of the Xena Scrolls, "Xenite From The Bronx"


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