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Here you'll find details regarding all the regularly scheduled as well as special events being held at the Center. If you'd like to suggest an event, please contact the Director or the CIO, providing details and they'll forward it to the list following due consideration.

Current Events

Bard Bowl-a-thon - All bards of the Xenaverse are invited to submit fanfic for this competition. The deadline has been extended indefinitely, and entries will be judged by vote of the Center's subscribers. The rules, as specified by James Bergquist, the Dean of Humanities, are below. Good luck!

Many thanks to our illustrious Dean of Student Affairs, Rachel, for this idea!

Bards have 7 days to write a piece about a bowling challenge between the casts of Xena and Herc teams...1 body double per person per team which means only Leah, Diana, or Meg can play...The Sovereign will try and skip out on the check so watch him. The gods can play but NO POWERS. They are still gods, but Xena will shank them with a Hind's dagger like a prison yard snitch if they cheat. She loves her bowling that much. All cast members can play even warlords and bad guys. Execept Gareth and Goliath. They're freakin' giants! No wagering between the Center members, or the players or gods. No tasteless front of the Center's Director, but light punches below the belt allowed. They will be a Karaoke machine in the halftime, so bring your own CD's... You will be tossed on your ass on these violations:

  • Bringing a lite beer to the bowling contest
  • Bowling sober
  • Possesion of a John Tesh CD
  • Possession of John Tesh
  • Possession of Vegemite
  • Bad farmer jokes
  • Fighting sober
  • Asking if the owner has 15 lb balls, then inquiring how does he walk
  • Requesting "Freebird" or "Whipping Post" during Karaoke
  • Trying to beat Gabrielle or Xena. Xena will seriously kick your ass if you beat her or Gabrielle

OK, Anything I missed? It's simple. Of course, Xena is exempt from these rules (DUH!) and Gabrielle is too because she's sleeping with Xena. So, throw the game, look good and even if Gabrielle gets a warm soda, head for the next state...Gabby happy = People stay alive.

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