What's New at the CFXS?


Well, the revised site for starters! Most of the resources, fan fiction and so forth have been have been updated. They all were originally posted on the  CFXS mailing list.

As this site is now being updated regularly, keep an eye on this page to be kept up to date with everything new.

Just as a general guide, you'll find information on the Bard Competition on the Current Projects page. You'll find discussion topics and the Xena Trivia Quiz on the Xena 101 page.

The Resource Library has been launched with an article on the Known Facts in relation to Xena - this area can be expected to grow rapidly.

If you are are writer of fan fiction we are currently accepting new entries. The fan fiction does not have to be Xena only. The goal of the Center is to branch out in to other areas of Sci-Fi and to broaden our scope. Works of art are also being accepted for posting at this time as well. Send new entries to: comments@cfxs.com.


Comments or corrections may be sent to the Director.

New subscribers are always welcome!

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