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Xenites, put on those thinking helmets and have some fun :)

Entry Level

Name the Character and the Episode:

  1. "Here comes trouble."
  2. "Gaul is divided into three parts."
  3. "This is not good."
  4. "There were no good leaves in the bush!"
  5. "You can't hide from a god!!"
  6. "You are not alone."
  7. "Double dose for you, Warrior Babe!"
  8. "You kill this baby you die next!"
  9. "Just coming up ahead on the right, you will see the hanging gardens of disgusting diseases."
  10. "Great bed."

BA Level

  1. "Get your hand off my butt."
  2. "I don't do no kinky stuff."
  3. "Nature calls How do you want to handle this?"
  4. "Three heartbeats. Xena must have a friend."
  5. "You ventilated my hat?!"
  6. "I'm a forgettable person."
  7. "You need to polish your sword."
  8. "Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman."
  9. "Why can't you trust me?"
  10. "I didn't know you cared, Ares."
  11. "I happen to think I have nice legs."
  12. "I'm going to do this every year!"

MA Level: Part I

  1. "I'm more of a redhead really." Character and Episode.
  2. "I was expecting Hercules or at least Sinbad." Name the Episode.
  3. "YOU embroider !?" Name the episode. What is the answer to this line?

Part II

  1. What was it that Gabrielle said she could never understand someone doing. Then later did the same thing for the exact same reason? In what episodes?
  2. Which characters have said 'Do it' and in what episodes?
  3. Who said 'You are such a cynic' and in what episodes?

PhD Level

Name the Character and the Episode:

  1. "I couldn't let it go , no matter what the pain."
  2. "I leave you to entertain the gods. I am retiring from the stage."
  3. "She doesn't carry hatred towards others. Good people don't"
  4. "You can find good in the most unlikely places."
  5. "I got a chance to make someone I care about happy."
  6. "But maybe that's what love is. It's blind."
  7. "You're like a who's who of warriors."
  8. "I'm glad you came back."
  9. "Heathens to left of me fiddels to the right."
  10. "Go now my friend."
  11. "There are no good choices, only lesser degrees of evil."
  12. "It is just that simple."
  13. "I feel I should be punished for what I did."
  14. "Bite Me!!"
  15. "People are trying to rest in there."
  16. "I don't try to overanalyze my life like some people do."
  17. "We live for each other, not ourselves."
  18. "Gabrielle. Just do it."
  19. "I'm here for you."
  20. "You are a gift to me."


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PatC, Keeper of The Xena Scrolls
Trish/Culsu, Assistant Extraordinaire and a Staff of Talented and Loyal Xenites


Raimi, Sam; Tapert, Rob
Executives Producers, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.
Renaissance Pictures, 1995-2001.


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