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"The Deliverer" written by Steven Sears, and "Crusader" written by R.J. Stewart were two episodes which spawned a great deal of discussion among fans. What did these episodes have in common? The introduction of two characters who would attract Gabrielle to their way of life, and thus set in motion a series of events which would become the catalyst for guilt; self-doubt and indecision. In "The Deliverer," Mr. Sears explains Gabrielle's connection to Khrafstar:

"Khrafstar, in her eyes, expressed and lived these ideals; had actually experienced a transformation in his life. She looked at him and said this is what everybody should be." (The Chakram #2)

In "Crusader," Mr. Stewart talks about the creation of Najara:

"It became apparent to me that I was talking about a Zealot. Then I thought of Joan of Arc and then I knew who the character was. The story played out pretty organically then. Of course, Gabrielle would be attracted to this character....." (Transcript of Hollywood Spotlight Chat)

It is interesting that both writers chose characters who, by claiming they had found the light, used a false/positive argument to convince Gabrielle to follow them. While Khrafstar was the source of evil; Najara was bound by demonic forces which led her to commit evil acts. This, while Gabrielle was struggling on a daily basis, to keep Xena from returning to that part of her life that was evil.

Given the fact that Xena has had to wage a constant battle within herself to fight her dark side; and given the fact that Gabrielle has become the light through which Xena can pursue a path of forgiveness; I pose the following questions:

How has the two episodes mentioned thwarted that effort? Has the light that Gabrielle seeks; and that light which Xena has used as a personal compass, been dimmed and irreparably damaged? - Doctor Brette, Dean of Curriculum


My personal opinion on the questions posed, is as Gabrielle continues to travel with Xena, and such horrible acts continue to happen around her and to her, she has lost faith within herself and the light she has always carried to do good.

Xena has always seen the light within Gabrielle, and continues to use her as a guide to keep her focused, but Gabrielle cannot see beyond her own tormented soul to see that she still carries her values within herself. She seems to be looking for her own light now. And though it stands next to her everyday, the indifference of the past year doesn't allow her to see the light within Xena that she has given her.

The new season has them at odds more than working together. I think Xena's vision keeps her from telling Gabrielle the truth, and allow them to work together to so Gabrielle can regain her own light. I dont think the episodes have thwarted the efforts, but rather, it will allow them to grow together to heal some major rifts. Xena needs to open up more, and Gabrielle needs to become her old "talkative" self... and allow them to grow together and change the future Xena sees.

Such a wordy Acolyte.

- Tiggster

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