Xena Alternative Fan Fiction

Songs of Everyday Life By Xena
by James Bergquist


This story was written without the knowledge or consent of MCA/Universal and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights.

This story is the work of the author and is protected by copyright. Please gain permission before copying and/or publishing any or all of this story.

I hear the songs of everyday life. The notes are the sounds of my stone across the metal of my blade. The scratchings of my Bard's quill against the rough scroll paper. The notes are in the footsteps of Argo as she carries me to my adventures. The reigns slap against the saddle in a song as she steps.

The notes are in Gabrielle's breath. The most glorious notes on her voice as she tells me her stories of wonder. The notes are in her chest as my love's heart, filling me with joy and a peace I never would have found without her.

Life's song plays in the birds and rabbits and deer all around us. It plays as I sit to relax by a stream. I hear the breeze and smell the trees. See the sky and the clouds that make shapes. Life's song is as simple as a flute but incredible in how it changes us if we listen.

Played apart, they are just random noises..
Played together, they are the wonderful song of my life with Gabrielle and I am blessed.

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