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The Fire Within
by Rachel


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Thick black smoke filled the chamber, as all around him the fire roared. Heat licked at his skin causing sweat to pour from his body. Jason stopped. There it was again, that noise. It sounded as if it was coming from the far side of the room.

"Hey! If there's someone here," the Prince called, "we have to get out of here. Like now!" Jason's hazel eyes tried to search through the smoke. He made his way to the back of the room, searching for anyone who may have been hiding there.

Finding no one, Jason turned to leave. During his search flames had begun to consume the chamber. Seeing his exit cut off, the prince yelled for help.

"This is what I get for doing a good deed," he said to the smoke and fire filled room. "Hey! Can anyone hear me! I need help!"

In another part of the inn, two young men fight the flames threatening to destroy the building. The boys worked on getting all of the people out safely when a voice was heard above flames.

"Herc! Iolaus! Help me, I'm trapped! Frantically he looked for a way out, but all escape routes were blocked by the hot flames. He hoped the guys could help or he was toast.

"Did you hear that?" the tall blond yelled to his companion.

"Yeah. Herc, that was Jason," cried Iolaus. "He sounds like he's in trouble." The two young men searched the smokey inn looking for their friend.

"He's not here," Iolaus spun around trying to see where Jason could be.

"Look! Stairs!" The demi-god and his friend headed for the stairs, taking them two at a time.

"Help! I'm trapped!" Jason saw his two friends framed by the door. "Guys!" cried the panicked prince.

Relief at seeing his buddies was short lived. It was obvious now, that they wouldn't be able to reach him in time.

The enflamed crossbeams rained fire down upon Jason. The roof was giving way. Time had run out.

Hercules and Iolaus could only watch in horror as their friend was engulfed in the flames. Realizing that if they didn't leave, their fate would be the same as Jason's. With heavy hearts they fled to safety.

Chapter 1

How appropriate that it had rained through the night. It was as if the sky had wept with the depth of Corinths' loss. The cold rain had stopped, as if in respect for the dead Prince. Tear streaked faces watched the funeral procession as it passed. All who witnessed the sad parade, knew that the shrouded figure was just an ephigy. Jason's body had never been recoverd from the ashes of the inn. Even so, the citizens of Corinth bowed their heads in final honor for their beloved prince. A prince, who would now never wear the crown of king.

The sad journey ended at the lake Jason had so loved. A ceremonial pontoon covered with flowers, awaited it's only passenger. After they had placed the precious cargo upon it, the Royal Guard launched the pontoon into the dark water. After a few moments to let the boat reach the center of the lake, an archer let loose an arrow that sent the pyre up in flames.

Those flames appeared to reach for the sky, as Jason himself had throughout his short life. He had strived for greatness and death had been his reward. Some would say that he had given his life as a hero, others would say it had been a fool's errand to enter that burning building. But, to those who had known Jason, knew that he could not have done anything else.

As if silently signaled, storm heavy clouds began to offer their cold tribute. Those who had followed Jason's funeral procession to the lake, now turned to seek the warmth and solace of the castle. Moments later only two figures remained. Tears, mixed with rain, flowed down their faces unchecked. Both stood tall in their best tunics that, Alcemene, Hercules' mother had made for them to wear at Jason's corination. Now, they were worn to Jason's funeral. The young men stood in the rain watching until the pontoon sunk into the water and out of sight.

The shorter of the two turned to his companion and simply said, "I'm going to miss him." Tears of grief shone bright in his blue eyes. Iolaus had seen the raw emotion on his friends face after he had spoken and not understanding what he saw there, turned back to the lake.

Intense grief, mixed with anger, struggled within the young demi-god. Without ever turning his gaze from the water, Hercules answered his friend, "I'm going to find out who was responsible for that fire. When I do, that person will pay dearly."

Chapter 2

"Wake up sleepy head," teased the voice. "The morning is half over and you're still abed."

The young man in the bed felt the warm soft body snuggle playfully against him. Breath, warm and minty brushed his cheek. He rolled over roughly, purposely knocking the girl from the bed.

"Oh you!" the lithe blonde launched herself at the offending party. "You're gonna get it Deagon!"

"Oh I sure do hope so Emeny," He growled lustily. Deagon caught the beautiful girl on his chest. Strong arms wrapped around a body that was soft in all of the right spots. Then in a move that caught the laughing girl of guard, Deagon flipped them both over, switching positions.

The efficient movement trapped her under his muscular body. As Emeny struggled for release, her body was beginning to arouse her lover. Deagon stopped his play and just stared at the woman beneath him. As if sensing the change, her struggles ceased.

Confused, she looked up into her loves eyes, "What's wrong? Are you alright?" Concern colored her voice as she reached up and felt his brow. Ever since the accident he tired easily. "No fever...."

Deagon's eyes drank in Emeny's beauty. Tendrils of long golden blond hair escaped the brightly colored scarf tied around her head. Exertion had pinked her soft flawless skin. And those eyes.... By the gods, he could lose himself in their depths. Those deep warm blue eyes could look through his soul.

Worry showed within them now. Emeny's concern filtered through his thoughts. "Deagon? Are you alright?"

A deep smile creased his face, warming his eyes. A hint of what was to come twinkled in them. "Em, I'm fine," he looked down at her. "My thoughts were of you and your beauty."

Emeny flushed at the compliment. "You only say that because you want something!" she teased.

"Whether I want something or not..." Deagon lifted her chin so she could look him in the eyes, "...you are still the most beautiful girl in the village."

Deagon dipped his head so he could kiss her soft lips. Their lush fullness quivered with anticipation of the union. His lips captured her plump bottom lip and gently sucked upon it.

Emeny's arms wrapped around Deagon's wide shoulders, pulling him to her. Soft kisses traced a path to her earlobe. A small sigh escaped her lips as he suckled the sensative flesh.

Her hands kneaded the hard muscles of his back, travelling down to his tight buttocks. She could feel the hardness of his erection pressing against her thigh. Leaning into it, she heard his deep exhilation, his breath hot upon her cheek.

Taking advantage of the situation, she pressed her hands against his chest, pushing him off to her side. He rolled onto his back , taking her with him. Deagon smiled with the knowledge of what was to come.

Emeny kneeled over him, toying with her blouse. Slowly, she undid the ties that held the thin linen together. Her beautiful breasts peeked from the folds, teasing him. Deagon reached for the full globes, but Ememy stopped him with a word, "Wait."

With a shrug, the fabric fell from her shoulders. Gracefully, she rose to her feet. Taking the tie of her skirt in her hand, she pulled, causing the soft material to puddle at her feet.

Placing her hand on her hips, she looked down at the man on the bed. "Was this what you were thinking of?"

To be continued...

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