Xena Alternative Fan Fiction

The Saga Begins
by Batwing


For starters let me say that I am a huge Star Wars fan.  I was hoping that
Mr Lucas would realise Lucy Lawless brilliant talent and cast her as a Jedi in Attack of the Clones.  He didn't, so I am. (I mean, Lucy would have taken that Anakin punk down in a second).  Anyway, this story is a Star Wars/Xena crossover, so thanks to Mr Lucas for not suing me, and thanks to Renaissance.  I don't have any claim on these characters, they own them  so on with the story.

This story is the work of the author and is protected by copyright. Please gain permission before copying and/or publishing any or all of this story.

Author's Disclaimer: Xena: Warrior Princess and all characters in this fanfiction are copyrighted and owned by Rennessance Pictures and MCA/Universal.Star Wars is owned by Lucas Ltd.  No copyright infrigement is intended and no dinars were made. This FF portrays two women in love. If this disturbs you, hit the discard button. I hope you enjoy this. Write to me at travis@centercom.au.

The Saga Begins

Xena looked around as she waited, where had that attendant gone.  She was
beginning to get agitated, she had been kept waiting for quite some time
now.  The council had requested her presence for some reason.  She just
wished that they would get on with it.  Frustrated she ignited her
lightsaber and began to practice some moves.

"Only for defence" she smirked.  One of the directives laid out for the
Jedi.  Only use the force for defence, never attack.  Well, that was silly,
the best defence was a good offence.  Xena never held to closely to that
directive, or many others for that matter.  The council's job, in her
opinion, was to ensure that the Jedi were able to keep the peace in the
Republic, Not to lay down how anyone with force abilities should use
them.  The council was a bureaucracy, laden down in procedure and
process.  But she would do as she was asked, she always did.  Xena knew
that on any given mission the only thing standing between peace and war was
she.  Those who wished to rain death and destruction down on the innocent
would have Xena to deal with, and Xena did not play nice.

She was soothed by the hum of her lightsaber slashing through the air,
mowing down her unseen enemies.  Not many people had the honour of seeing
Xena in full battle mode and live after the event.  The council were fully
aware of her abilities and she knew that the tasks appointed to her were
usually the ones that had already exhausted every other diplomatic
avenue.  Some of the younger Jedi called her "The Shadow".  If she had you
targeted you wouldn't know it until it was far too late.  Xena smiled to
herself, she had heard many tales of her exploits from the Padawans.  Some
were true, some were embellished and some were downright fabrications.  Not
that she minded, her reputation meant that none of these Jedi wannabes
would come near her.  And that suited Xena just fine.  As Xena was
delivering a killing blow to the air she sensed something, she dropped to
one knee, swivelled around.  Leapt into the air with all the force she
could muster and landed behind the attendant, who had just returned, with
her lightsaber blade position to behead him.

"Ahh, The council will see you now" stammered the attendant, as he gulped
realising how easy it would be for this Jedi to end anyone's life

"Hmm, about time" said Xena. She leaned closer to the attendant and
whispered in his ear "thanks".  With that she extinguished her blade and
turned towards the doors that would lead her to the Council chamber.  She
heard the attendant let go of the breath that he had been holding.

"Childs play" she thought to herself as the doors opened and she stepped
into the corridor that lead to the Jedi Council.

Gab Rye-Elle stood before the council.  She was nervous.  She was
scared.  And she knew that the members of the council could sense
that.  But this wasn't a test; today Gab would be assigned to another Jedi
Knight as a Padawan learner.  Her pervious master Trama Barup died in an
unfortunate accident on his last mission.  She was not with him for she had
volunteered to go on another mission with 7 other padawan learners.  If she
had of been there his death might have been prevented, but she didn't know
that for sure but she felt that way regardless.  Barup had chosen her upon
Master Yoda's recommendation.  Yoda was impressed by her strong will and
dedication to the light side of the force.  And Barup was also impressed
and showed Gab many things that she never dreamed possible, and never once
crossed the line of defence.  But she wasn't ready to face the trials yet
and she had so much more to learn.  And today the council were going to
assign her to a new master.

"Here, your new master is" spoke Yoda.  Gab heard the door open and turned
to face the Jedi Knight that would continue her instruction on the light
side of the force

Xena braced herself to face the council.  She didn't usually have any
reason to see the council.  Messengers, not the council, informed Xena of
her missions.  She secretly thought that the council didn't like to face
her either.  The door in front of her opened and she walked into the
council chamber.

Gab Rye-Elle was stunned, surely the council could not be serious.  She
must be here for another reason.

Xena looked around at the council members, her face held a smirk and her
eyes held resentment.  "To what do I owe this pleasure" addressing no-one
in particular, "and who is this?"  Mace Windu was the first to
speak.  "Mistress Xena, please meet Gab Rye-Elle"

Xena paused before she turned her head to look at Gab.  She looked Gab up
and down.  "Pleasure is all mine" Xena turned back to face Mace "I'm sure".
It was at this point Gab chose to speak "Master Windu, please tell me that
this is a joke!" Xena smirked and then spoke "You should know, young girl,
that this council has no sense of humour"

Gab faced Xena "You should show more respect"
Xena spun to face Gab and held her Lightsaber hilt under Gab's chin "And
you should learn, young girl, that I am not to be messed with"

"Mistress Xena" Mace Windu rose from his place and addressed Xena directly
"You will cease this now!"  Xena withdrew her lightsaber hilt from under
Gab's chin and turned back to face Master Windu

"Master Windu, she is reckless, this is wrong"

Xena wondered who this girl was and what she was doing here, must have
something to do with here next mission, maybe this was a political
representive.  She looked like a spineless naive politician.

"There is much you don't know about me young girl"

"Luckily she will have plenty of time to learn" Mace said.  "Mistress Xena,
meet your new Padawan learner" Xena could not believe what she was hearing.

"I think the council is in error placing this" Xena looked at Gab "girl as
a padawan learner with me"

Yoda addressed Xena "It's decision, made, the council has.  Disagree, do you?"

Xena bit her lip "I will do as I have been asked, but I believe it is unwise"

Gab couldn't resist "Yes, she is right" she face Yoda "This is a mistake,
I'm sure that the council can see that."

"The council has made it's decision, and it will not be reversed" said Mace
Windu "Is that understood?"

"Yes Master" said Gab

Xena paused before answering "Very well"

Xena turned and strode out of the chamber but stopped before she reached
the door.  "Well young girl, are you coming" and she passed through the
door before Gab had a chance to answer.  Gab growled to herself before
rushing out of the chamber to follow Xena

"Please don't call me young girl" she shouted as she chased Xena

The chamber fell quiet for a second before Mace Windu broke the silence "Do
you really think this was a wise idea?"

Yoda paused then answered "Two sides there are.  She must learn to balance
them both"


To be continued

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