Xena Alternative Fan Fiction

Unchained Melody
by Syrenslure


This story was written without the knowledge or consent of MCA/Universal and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights. This story is for intended for mature readers over the age of 18 as it contains both violence and explicit love scenes between two women. If you are offended by either, or both, of these subjects I suggest you don't read any further.

This story is the work of the author and is protected by copyright. Please gain permission before copying and/or publishing any or all of this story.

Part One

For the third night in a row, the beautiful young chef stood in the doorway to the kitchen watching the sensuous woman who commanded everyone's attention. Conversations were suspended or became reverent whispers. The clanking and scraping of forks against plates, glasses banging on tables, almost ceased. Even the lively clatter of the active kitchen was muted. Everything dimmed as the soulful melody fell from those gourgous lips and lit up the room.

Glancing down at her watch with a sigh as heavy as the awe that filled the room, the honey-haired chef realized the time and pushed herself off of the wall, smoothing down the crisp, white front of her jacket and headed into the kitchen. The raven-haired temptress had only been singing here for two weeks, but in that time she had completely enthralled Stephanie and almost all of the staff and patrons. She hardly spoke to anyone. She wasn't very friendly or talkative, but when she sang it was like you could see into her soul.

Between sets she would sit in the dark corner of the room, her back to the wall, and sip the deep red wines she always ordered. One night she had requested a snack from the kitchen. Stephanie had sent out a meal of the night's special: veal piccata, angelhair pasta tossed with olive oil and herbs, and a house salad. There had been no response, no thanks, but the tall, graceful entertainer had eaten more than half of the meal. Every night since then Stephanie made sure there was a meal waiting for the other woman.

It had become a ritual, like an offering to a goddess. She always prepared the meal personally, bypassing the others in the room, but as head chef, that was her preogative. She wanted everything perfect, but more importantly she wanted the morsels she left in tribute to have passed through her hands only, to be her creation.

Some nights it was ignored, the food pushed around the plate or not touched at all. Some nights it seemed inadequate as the commanding woman devoured everything left for her. Stephanie watched and waited to see which it would be, like a prisoner awaiting sentence. Would tonight bring triumph or torment? She learned in that short time which things seemed to please the taciturn singer and which didn't. Stephanie's happiness seemed to rely on the taciturn woman's pleasure.

Stephanie finished the nights offering, just as she heard the last soulful notes linger in the air. She carried the plates to the secluded table, lit the candle and carefully arranged what she hoped would be an exquisite meal. She made sure to leave a thick piece of the sinfully rich black forest cake she had prepared for dessert, after realizing the sassy seductress favoured the sweet, calorie-ridden desserts to the meals. Stephanie glanced down at her own achingly maintained form and wondered how the other woman did it.


Alexandria closed her eyes as she finished the last song. She could fell the restless energy in the air as the people waited for the note to fade away to start clapping. No one wanted to shatter the spell that lingered in the air, not even with their praise. The singer felt her energy and peace ebb away as the song left her, no longer her own, no longer her escape. She kept her eyes closed for a moment longer, seeking balance, as she dutifully smiled to the diners. She bowed low in front of them, accepting the compliment with the grace of practice, earning even more admirers as the forward dip offered tantilizing glimpses of her decolletage. The low-cut neckline teasing those who watched with the sight of her barely restained breasts, held in by only the two tiny straps that went over her shoulders and criss-crossed over her back.

She was a very fit woman, muscular in a way that almost seemed out of place, but she held herself with a grace and elegance that balanced it perfectly. The obvious strength of her bare arms and exposed back just added to the aura of power that surrounded the long-legged beauty. People stopped to watch as she crossed the room. The glimpses of her firm legs sliding out from behind the curtain of the high slits in her dress were only a bonus attraction. This woman dripped sensuous pleasure for all the senses. Her voice was like a melody in itself that floated through the air as her hips moved with a rhythm all their own. She brought to mind moonlit nights and tangled sheets, sweat-drenched bodies lost in passion and little catches of breath. Men adjusted their ties, women squirmed in their seats. She was a vixen, a syren, a dream, all the more sweet for being untouchable. Everyone wanted to be the one to reach her, have her, hold her, if only for a moment.

Alex slid in the the seat she always occupied. The management reserved had reserved it for her after her first show. She was a blessing for business and the owner was not stupid, he wanted to keep her around. He kept her happy. She was surprized at the little touches she noticed as the days past. The waiter came immediately now when she lifted her hand slightly. She ordered her customary house burgandy, knowing that tonight it would be a quality selection, not like the first. She looked down with a wry smile as she took in the extravagent meal laid out before her. She shook her head and wondered if someone was trying to fatten her up. The meals in this place were good, but she saw the extra effort put into hers with the experience of one has been in a lot of places like this. The meal was not straight off the menu, but a combination of items, mostly her favourite foods. The mouth-watering cake was a scandalous size and she could not resist tasting it first, closing her eyes in pleasure, a small mewling sould escaping her lips as she licked the remnants of heaven from her fork.

She had seen the woman, lounging in the doorway, the last few nights, her copper and gold hair tucked up under the white hat and wearing the matching jacket that marked her as a chef, a chef who had begun personally delivering her meals just before she found her way back here. Alex saw the tension in the smaller woman's posture, the rapture in her gaze and chalked it up to another case of worship. If it got her meals like this, she could put up with it, especially as the chef had made no move to approach her or invade her personal space. The graceful singer sipped her wine, stretched a bit in her chair, like a cat before a warm fire, and began eating her dinner, knowing that she would have to return to the stage shortly for the second set.

She didn't mind the stage. She wished she could avoid the attention, the spotlight, but it was what she did. The one time she felt peace was when she was singing. Nothing in the world mattered, nothing could reach her when she surrounded herself in melody and harmony. They were like armour and weapons. She wielded them well and they kept the demons at bay.

She pushed the remnants of her dinner aound the plate a little while longer, and then, set her fork down, pushing the plates away, and the remsnants of the rich cake to the side. She motioned to the waiter and told him to save it and her wine, and then threaded her way back through to crowd, smiling and accepting the well-wishes, but carefully side-stepping anyone who dared try to touch her.

The exotic temptress lifted her pale blue eyes and looked out onto the crown from under thick black lashes. Silence fell. Alex turned to Charles who was seated at the piano and with a smile and a nod urged him to make music. The jazzy style of the music she sang matched her sinuous body and husky voice perfectly. She was the heroine fighting for love, stealing their hearts, the woman of their dreams.


Later that night, Alexandria finished off the peice of decadent cake and her deep red wine. She got up from her seat in the dark restaraunt and carefully placed her dishes in the sink in the kitchen. She could hear the chef who had left her meals, Sara, Sabrina, Stephanie, something like that, locking up in the back and gathered her things to leave.

Alexandria left and crossed the dark parking lot to her car. She noticed that there were only to two cars left. The blue-green Cavalier she supposed belonged to the blonde and her own glossy black Mustang. She could hear the other woman locking up behind her and then going to her own car across the lot from Alexandria's. Suddenly, a scream filled the air.

Alex dropped her things and spun around, she saw the small honey-haired chef struggling with an assailant. He had grabbed her from behind and wrapped his arm around her throat. The unkept man hit Stephanie in a fury at having attention drawn to him, and threw her hard onto the asphalt, as Alex took off running toward him.

She started to follow the bastard, adrenaline pumping hard through her veins, when she saw Stephanie lying on the ground. Alex bent down and turned the woman, lifting her to a sitting position, and leaning her against the car. Stephanie sat there, trying to choke back tears, cradling her left wrist in her lap and holding her head carefully in her other hand.

"Are you hurt?", Alex asked gruffly.

"No, I'm mad ... that was so stupid of me. I wasn't paying attention." She made a face, pinching her lips together in frustration and setting her jaw. Seeing the other woman taking inventory of her injuries, she replied, "I hurt my wrist and my ankle. My head is pounding, and my ribs and neck are a little sore."

Alex agreed without saying a word and began checking the hurt woman's injuries. "You are going to have some bruises and a nice egg on your head, but I don't think you have anything broken, or a concussion. You should go to the E.R. and the police though."

"Oh," a soft sound of realization crossed Stephanie's face and her brow knitted in thought.

"What's wrong, now?" the tall woman asked with a sigh.

"Umm, my ankle. My car is a standard and my ankle hurts. Would you drive me?" The injured young woman looked like she wanted to crawl inside herself for having to ask, almost like a puppy or child that expected to get slapped. Stephanie could not stand that look and so she agreed, against her better judgement. She knew someone had to help this woman.

Alex helped the woman to her feet and supporting most of her weight, helped her slowly across the parking lot to the Mustang. She carefully handed the other woman into the car and settled her and then went to pick up the items she had dropped in her haste. She almost wished she had left earlier, but quickly shook that thought from her head when she realized what could have happened to the smaller woman if she had not been here.

She threw her things in the back, got in the car, and started the engine. Alex glanced over at her companion, who was watching her every move, as the engine purred to life. "What's your name?"

"Stephanie, Stephanie Goodman," she answered in a rush, her voice shy, sweet.

"I'm Alex, Alexandria Mitchell"

"I know," the blonde answered almost breathlessly, her eyes falling closed for a moment as she leaned back against the seat.

Alex looked her over, hearing the soft quality to her voice and thinking about her assessment earlier in the evening. The woman was definately a little hung up on her, but she was cute. Alex wondered if the woman knew it, the way she hid behind the bulky clothes she wore. The singer shrugged, as if to say "It's not my problem," but at the same time felt drawn to the woman and had to stop herself from reaching out to carress the other woman's cheek.

Stephanie could feel the beauty's eyes on her and wondered what the other woman saw. She tried to quiet her heart which was racing a mile a minute at being so close to Alex. She thought uncomfortably of the path her thoughts had taken lately and figured the long-legged, raven-haired entertainer would probably dump her back out in the street if she knew. She opened her eyes.

Alex caught the girl's gaze, sky blue eyes meeting grass green, like heaven and earth coming together. Neither woman moved, until Alex nervously broke away and started to drive to the hospital. Stephanie let her eyes drift closed again.

Part Two

A soft blue glow illuminated the vehicle. Alexandria looked over to where Stephanie seemed to be sleeping. Alex didn't want to wake her, but they were sitting under the lights at the entrance to the Emergency Room. They couldn't stay here and the injured chef really needed to get inside.

The purpling bruises were starting to stand out against the creamy skin of her passenger's face. Alex swore under her breath, suddenly angry that anyone would do this, could be so cruel. She knew this violence, had seen too much of it, but the realities of it still got to her sometimes.

Carefully, she layed her palm against the side of the sleeping woman's face. She brushed her thumb ever so lightly over the bruised cheekbone. It was a whisper of a carress, barely felt, but the other woman's eyes fluttered open like a storybook Sleeping Beauty. Deep hazel eyes, not green as Alex had first thought, looked up at the singer, soft and gentle like the woman who owned them. Alex felt her breath catch and her heart trip, wanting, needing to close the space between them and taste her companions full lips. Those lips were gently parted, glistening where the tip of Stephanie's tounge had flicked out and nervously wet them. Alex wanted to lose herslf in those lips.

She caught herself and pulled away, shaking her head as if so clear it. In a husky voice, Alex commented gruffly, "We're here." She turned off the engine and opened her door.

Stephanie felt herself start to sweat lightly, panicking, confused, excited. For a moment she had thought Alex was going to kiss her. That was crazy. The bump on her head must have been worse than she thought. "Besides," the honey-haired woman thought as she undid her seatbelt and opened the door for the sultry singer, "It's not like I wanted her to kiss me or anything. Right?"

Her thoughts were quickly distracted as she forgot and put her weight on her injured ankle. She cried out in pain and started to fall. The sharp cry cut through Alex deeper than the original scream for help and she quickly took the other woman in her arms, supporting her weight. They shuffled their way into the hospital, where a nurse saw them and quickly brought a wheelchair.

Alex started to leave and a flash of panic crossed Stephanie's face. "Don't Go," she asked. "Please."

Alexandria nodded, "I'll be back, but I have to go move the car."

Alex took her time, moving the car and getting herself under control. "What's wrong with me? I am all over this woman who doesn't know me and is hurt besides. Snap out of it, girl. " Alex sighed, she didn't want to go back in there, but neither could she contemplate leaving Stephaniealone.

When the tall entertainer returned she glanced around for the copper and gold hair of the chef. She quickly found her slumped down in the wheelchair, looking dejected as she talked with the triage nurse. Alex looked around the waiting room and was surprized to see it so empty on a Saturday night. She knew how busy this place could get.

Another nurse pushed through the swinging double doors that led into the actual emergency room. He talked congenially to Stephanie as he undid the brakes on the chair and started to wheel her to the back. Alex saw her lift a hand to stop him and begin looking around searching. The singer stepped up from where she was leaning against the wall and went to the other woman to let her know she was there.

"Hey, how are you doing?"

"I'm ok. Will you stay with me?" She turned to the nurse and asked, "Can she stay with me?"

The nurse turned and caught the brunette's eyes. he looked her over, quickly taking in the evening gown and heels, the long black hair shining in the bright lights of the hospital. A thousand questions in his eyes, he said quietly, "Hello, Alex." He turned to Steph and nodded, "She can stay."

Nothing more was said except for the quiet instructions as the big man helped Stephanie into bed. He looked like a football player with his braod shoulders, muscular chest and arms, but his upbeat attitude, infectious smile and playful ponytail swinging behind him made him seem more like a huge teddy bear or a mischievious, overgrown child. Stephanie read his name tag as he settled her against the cool, crisp, white sheets. He told her to put on the gown and someone would be in shortly.

Stephanie smiled shyly, some of her usual cheerfulness shining through; "Thanks, Mike." As he left the room, she looked down at the gown, then up at Alex and down again. Apparently this had not crossed her mind when she asked the other woman to stay. She blushed as she thought of changing in front of the other woman, and flush that quickly became heated in the cool room. Her heart beat fast as she thought of undressing for the beautiful stranger standing so close, the way those lips would twist into a teasing, challenging smile. She moaned softly.

Alex had been watching Stephanie, lost in her own thoughts when she heard the moan. Thinking it was pain, Alex looked over the patient, judging her condition, and noting the flushed skin and shallow breathing, and wrinkled her brow in concern. She saw the gown laying neatly folded on the bed still and looked from it to Stephanie. She began scolding herself, "Stupid! You are so dense, girl. What did you think she was going to strip for you."

The singer cleared her throat, "Umm, I'm going to go get a drink." "Or something," she mumbled. "I'll be back in a little bit." She smiled reassuringly, and then walked out of the room as if demons were chasingher.

Alexandria came back a while later. Mike was in there again with a tech, they were getting ready to take Stephanie for X-rays. Stephanie looked at Alex curiously as the tech also greeted the singer by name. Alex said she would wait for the smaller woman to return.

While Stephanie was gone, a police officer came by the room. She told him what she had seen and answered the questions the officer posed to her. She described the perpetrater as best she could, angry with herself at not having a better description because of the dark. She said as much to the cop who commiserated that was usually the case in such attacks. They would do their best, but it didn't look good. The officer said she would wait for Stephanie to return and get her statement as well.

About that time, the tech rolled Stephanie back into the room and helped her back to bed. The officer got the information she needed and told the two women to stop by the station the next day if they wished to make formal statements.

When she left the two women were left alone. The blonde woman was biting on the side of her lip, her brow creased in deep thought as she contemplated the singer who had taken up her customary posture against the wall. Alex was aware of the scrutiny, but did not want to invite the questions she knew were coming. The silence lengthened and the tension built, like an elastic band stretched tight between them.

"How come everyone here knows you?" Stephanie had noticed the number of people greeting Alex by name, but it was the looks they gave the sexy entertainer that convinced her that these weren't fans. It was like they knew something, or wanted to know what happened to her.

"I used to work here." Alex gave the answer and left so many other questions unanswered.

"You worked here?" Stephanie was even more confused. "I thought you were a singer."

"I sing now. I was a nurse." Her tone did not invite further questions.

Stephanie opened her mouth to speak, but did not know what to say, as the other woman stood there, arms crossed defensively across her chest, closing out everyone and everything. The doctor chose that moment to enter. He examined Stephanie. Reaffirming the diagnosis Alex had given her earlier, the doctor told her that nothing was broken and there was no concussion. She had sprained her ankle and wrist and had some pretty bad bruises. She had to take it easy for the next couple of days, stay off her feet, and if she had someone to stay with her it would be best. He gave her a prescription for pain, told her to follow up with her doctor if she had any problems, and said the nurse would be in to wrap her ankle and wrist and discharge her.

Stephanie and Alex didn't say much more to each other until it was time to go. As they were gathering up the injured woman's belongings, Stephanie spoke. "Thank you for helping me, and staying with me. I know you didn't have to. Umm, you can go home now, if you want. I can call a cab to take me home."

"Don't be silly. I brought you here and I will take you home. Besides, you should stay with me tonight. I have a guest room and the doctor said you should have someone with you. You need to get some rest." Even as she said it, she could not believe that she had issued the invitation. Hardly anyone was invited to her home, especially not to stay over. Not even her lovers got that privelege. She prefered going to their places, so that she could leave when she wanted to go.

"I can't stay with you. I have to go home, all my things are at home. I don't have any clothes or a toothbrush." Stmbling over the words, searching for excuses, finally, she blurted out, "We hardly know each other."

"I don't think that's exactly true anymore, little one. I have a spare toothbrush and I can go get you some clothes." Alexandria's voice was calm and as smooth as honey, entrancing the chef, just like she did the audience each night.

"Why would you want to do this? I would only get in the way. I am sure you have things to do. I can take care of myself; I don't need yourhelp."

"I want to do this. I want to be sure you are alright." Alex thought, but didn't add, "Because I care about you already." The singer continued weaving her spell. "You are not going to be a problem, it's a big house. I have plenty of room. Tommorrow's Sunday, the restaurant is closed Monday and I am off Tuesday. As I said, I was a nurse. If you have any problems I can help. Don't be so stubborn, just say yes and lets go."

It was what both women really wanted, the argument faded away. Alex was happy to notice that the copper and gold-haired beauty did have some spirit, after all. Both women were smiling as they drove toward Alex's house.

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