What Price Love

I stand at the edge looking down
Watching as you painstakingly move toward me
Your presence filling me with light, grounding me
Your love for me overwhelming.
My fear of flying, soaring free without
The harnesses of life keep me earthward bound
Seeking that which seems to be missing
The emptiness filling me with dread.
Each fissure and crevasse set before us
Tries to rip us asunder
And yet you reach your hand out to me
Trusting our love, giving me validity.
I've made this journey you now climb
Conquering all in my path with grace and ease
Emerging whole and strong, hiding the truth
That my appearance is merely a facade.
Watching you, guiding you, giving freely
Of my heart, hoping you'll never wear my mask
I fear just what the cost will be for you
When the Fates tally the final bill for us.

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