Xena: Warrior Princess
Most convoluted ex-warlord in town
Your future's so unclear now
Way of the Warrior's a fear now
Death by lumber's the vision that you've got

Ex Warlord Xena
No crucifixion scene for you
Better forget it
Your self-doubts are eating at you
But your future's assured
The Way is your cure
You know the word is Love
Shut out that image
Redemption's from above

Gabby don't sweat it
She doesn't think she's worth your time
Wants you to forget it
Who wants to live just fighting crime?
Keep the vision away
Will you die if you stay?
But still you think she is a fool
Wipe that image from your mind
Go back to Cleo's pool

Xena don't blow it
Cos you can change your destiny
Xena you know it
Just a big lie by Alti
Give life a whirl
And just kiss de girl
Don't stop to ask why
Just know that your souls will go on
After you die

Xena: Warrior Princess
Can you change your destiny?
Xena: Warrior Princess
Can you change your destiny?

May 28, 1999

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