Vengeance Denied

So when poor Xe comes to
All battered and blue
And feelin mighty sore
She checks the bar out
Goes the 'poor me' route
But wants to go toe to toe once more.
Spittin out a chew tooth
That managed to come loose
When the Warrior Princess went down
Her pride was dented in
But losing ain't a sin
When vengeance comes to town
She glanced at the glass
Najara had kicked her ass
But Xe put a smirk on her face
Seems she still held a card
In the golden haired bard
Beaten down but still in the race
And as she looked down the chasm
Her eye twitched in a spasm
As she thought, "Yeah, that's gotta hurt"
With the Crusader down there
And well out of her hair
She'd get her just dessert
But the bard couldn't claim
She knew Najara was insane
So they brought the twisted soul to bear
For Gabrielle knew
Where the battle lust blew
And she didn't want Xe to be there
As the duo walked away
And Najara was left to pay
They thought she was over and done
But the Fates had a laugh
Poor Gabrielle pulled a gaff
Seeds of doubt were good and well sown.

August 31, 1999

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