The Warrior and the Maiden

Xena the Conqueror tried to forestall
Hardening her heart and erecting a wall
Along came a maiden, all fresh and clean
Cut right to heart where no one had been
She changed her and molded her and now Xe is lost
And gave up her stoicism but oh, what a cost
Now the warrior is flailing around in the dark
Thinking the bard is her only spark
Her emotions are rampant, given full rein
Gab's lost her center and won't take the blame
She needs to grow up and see what she's done
She's beaten the Conqueror, thru the death of her son
All the bard's wisdom and love won't amend
She just can't put Xena together again.
Xena is broken but she'll have to see
Look deep down inside her and set herself free
Get back to that bitch who conquered the land
But rule with fairness and a velvet gloved hand
She's given too much power to Gabrielle
Her soul and her spirit to her did she sell
The cost was a pittance, given in a kiss
Was Gab even aware of a gift such as this?
With a look or a word or even a sigh
She holds a warrior heart laid bare to the sky
For gods and mortals and those in between
This is a new Xena that they've never seen
A vulnerable warrior, for better or worse
Don't let the bard's vision be rendered a curse.

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