The Tyger

I sit with head in hand,
Heart bleeding,
Mind reeling.
Pain so deep,
So piercing;
Filling me with
Such utter
I wanted to let
The tyger out;
To feel the power
The sharp claws;
See the stripes in
All their glory.
Knowing eyes staring
Back at me,
Marking me as one
Of their own.
We know each other
By the battle scars,
That look in our eyes,
The uneasy bravado,
The defiant glare.
Now that she's out
The skin fits too
Colours too bright.
Now that I wear
Them, dream them
Write them,
Can I be surprised
Hurt, bewildered
When a finger is
Pointed my way?
Feeling such pain,
I look down only
To see that I've
Cut myself on my
Own long, curved
Self inflicted wounds
Cut so deep.
They fester too quickly
To heal properly.
Death of a thousand

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