The First Time

I remember the first time I kissed a woman.
Not the sweet small kiss between friends or family
But the all consuming lustful ones that seem to
Override thought process and things we take for granted ~
Like breathing.
Being close enough to see the fine hairs at her temples;
The dainty eyelashes; her breath quickening
In preparation for our first encounter;
The trembling of her muscles, just beneath her skin.
It was intoxicating.
Reaching with cautious hands, wanting to touch
That previously denied, my breath was caught
At the sight of her alabaster breasts;
The rosy nipples pebbling before my very eyes.
Watching in wonder.
That moment when I looked into her eyes and saw
Without a doubt, that the lust and desire I was experiencing
Was being mirrored in the blue eyes before me
Incited my passion; rising like an inferno,
Consuming us both.
There was nothing in my life to compare to the feeling
That washed over me as I held her afterwards;
Watching with furrowed brow as she wept with sparkling eyes.
The experience forever changed me
I was now complete.

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