Sweet Tidings

When we are out in public and I want
To express my desire for you,
I suppose I just can't say
That I want to make love to you
And hold you so close that our hearts beat in rhythm;
That I want to see your head thrown back
In ecstasy as I reach inside of you and pluck
The strings of your very soul;
Feeling your body moving beneath me,
Sliding easily against the fine sheen
That covers my skin from loving you
Long into the night.
I suppose I'd have to use my eyes to
Convey such sweet tidings,
Burning your very skin with their intensity;
Causing the apex of your limbs to quiver
With the prolonged anticipation of my touch;
Tell with my tongue as it slides across
My lower lip how much I want to taste your
Essence, the bouquet of your sweet mouth
And the depths of your desire.
All of my senses reeling for the want of you.
Will you hear me and know in your
Very heart that I am yours,
Now and forever ~
Your name emblazoned across my soul?
We may, sweet love, quite possibly never
Get to the every day seasons of our
Rich and plentiful existence;
Immersing ourselves in the joys of
Love's passion, wrapped eloquently
Within the secret meaning of words.

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