Sea of Troubles

As l sit upon my rock
And look out onto the sea
I'd find myself surrounded
By my thoughts, unhappily
Warm and loving images
That float beyond my grasp
Seem to taunt and tempt me
Til my thought processes lapse
I'm left here on this rock
With its weight upon my soul
Unable to purge my sorrow
For that which I can't know
The wispy fog that covers me
Like the stillness of the night
Is cold and dank and heartless
Devoid of any light
As the waves get high and higher
And I still cling to my rock
I should let go and swim for shore
Corporeity's a shock
As the first tendrils of morning
Begin to light the sky
I've searched my soul, I cannot know
Only seabirds hear my cry

June 18, 1999

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