Protesting of The Way

There was a young woman who protested
The way that The Way had been bested
'It's censorship!', she cried,
'They never watched and they lied!'
Fool's Day was the day Xenites were tested.

Lisa Jain and Becky et al
Decided XWP wouldn't take the fall
Hindu Fundamentalists done this deed
First Amendmentalists, take heed!
Garner names, let's give it a stall.

So the word was The Way, they cried
It was violent, yes, Xe almost died.
But she prayed to their deity
Showing reverence and piety
And for this Tapert/RenPic were fried.

It's a shame there are those who won't see it
There'll be copies, that's true, albiet
It just won't be the same
Gives Free Speech a bad name
And they can't rerelease unrewrit.

April 17, 1999

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