I suppose there has been quite a lot said about the negativity of a certain bard. I'm rather guilty of that myself. However, if we were allowed a brief glimpse inside a rather tall dark and serious ex warlord, I think we might just find this.


The clear bright twinkle of her eyes
Stabs thru the gloom enveloping my heart
And I am left speechless,
Unable to wallow in the darkness
That surrounds me.
Her hands caress my stern and serious face,
Calming the lines that grow there
Until I am finally at peace.
Her smile shines thru to touch each
Shadowy corner of my being,
Making me smile in spite of myself.
And then I am home, back in the
Comfort of her embrace;
Able to let go of the harsh realities
Of Life and drown in the tranquility
That is her.

May 6, 1999

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