Passion at Sunrise

Waking to her soft breath upon my
Hands as they lovingly cradle her breasts,
I am entranced, my passion rising
With each breath she takes.
Closing my eyes, I'm aware of my
Willful hands, cupping and kneading
The pert flesh of her ample tits.
I move closer so as to feel her
Firm ass against my dark curls,
Slowly moving my wayward hand down
To finger her fine golden fleece.
As I am caught in the web of my desire,
So am I caught within the steady gaze
Of my waking lover as she turns to
Help kindle the fire I have begun.
The slow caress of dawn's fingers
Moving slowly over the ripe horizon
Fills my sight with her sweet profile
And my heart is lost once more.
As it was, is and ever shall be.

April 1, 1999

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