Paradise Blown

Twas the night before Xena and there wasn't a sound.
I'd tucked all my kids in and was just sitting around.
I drank me some Zin and got myself all in gear
For I knew that XWP soon would be here
I sat by the tv all tended with care,
The room was all quiet, not a peep would one dare!
The commercial was over, the episode began...
It was 'Paradise Found' with a hot tub again!
Just watching the bard handle Xe with such care
Made for some dampness on more than my chair
The symbolism, the costumes, the music just right
The ep of the season! Oh boy, what a night!
Then Xe sat in the hot tub crunching Gab's hand in bliss
This Xenites just knew there was something amiss!
As the ep got half way there came such a roar
My eyes opened wide and I stared at the door!
And who did I gander with gnarly long teeth?
Twas the Warrior Willard looking dug up from beneath.
I really do ponder about Gar and his 'sir'
I know Xe has many skills but that allusion's a blurr
There was yin/yang, massages and subtext to boot
But with RatWoman's arrival, its greatness was moot
Wonder Bard's on a quest and I do feel her pain
But Xe needs attention 'fore she goes right insane!
When I rewind it to see subtext so sublime
I'll focus on wet Xe and naked Bard every time!

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