Look at me, I'm sweet bardie
Lousy with pacificity
They say it's a gaff but l won't use my staff
I can't, I'm for harmony

Watch it, hey, cos I've found my way
And I'm here to have my say
I've found Eli now and my spirit will grow
And Xe can find her way

I don't hit or bash
I've even taken the lash
And Eli's making eyes at me
Keep his healing paws
Off my innocent drawers
Cos I was virginal even with Perdy

As for Xe; oh, don't look at me
Even with baths and massage therapy
I see your lust and I'm about to bust
I'm just into pacificity

Aiden, Krafstar, just let me be
Keep bogus faith away from me
I'll look like a fool
Stubborn just like a mule
Pacificity rules,
I'm just Gabby

May 26, 1999

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