The following is somewhat silly, oft times lewd, always crude and very rude. If you find dirty limericks not to your liking, please do not read.

Folks used to pander to Dite
But found her ways to be quite flighty
She was blonde til the end
So a hand did they lend
Too bad it was with Joxer the Mighty

That was pretty tame....

There was a curvaceous blonde goddess
Who was seldom found without her bodice
She was struck speechless one day
When a warrior had her way
Captivated by ways that were lawless


While the warrior and bard were off busy
Jox found himself in a bit of a tizzy
He bent o'er for a glass
Found Ares was up to his ass
And discovering such depths made him dizzy


Xena was known far and wide
As being a really wild ride
She made the men's day
So skilled in every way
But was whipped by a bard, emerald eyed


The bonnie bard Gabby, it seems
When enticed, could let out a scream
For when Xe tickled her fancy
She became bold and quite antsy
As she was suspended from rafter or beam


Fair Xena sat alone in her bath
All aglow from love's aftermath
Her ardent desires for the bard
Never made her feel tired
So she eased them with 'How To' scrolls by Sapph

Oh, l think that's enough....sheesh.


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