I would not
Could not
do that verse
I should not
WILL not
It's perverse!
This poor poet
Is left reeling
All the energy
It's stealing
If you must
You must continue
With this nauseating
Then I will be forced
To shout,
'Out, Lim, out!
Damned spot, out!'
So in parting
I'll say this
I think I will
Give Lim a miss
I'd much rather
Do a Seuss
I find his meter
So obtuse!
You can bend
Each line
You see
Working lyrics
With ability
So come on folks,
Give it a try
It is quite fun
Oh, don't be shy!

I would do it on a bed
But other things
Roam thru my head
I could try it on the pot
But concentration
Would be shot
Could l do it in a car
I've done more
Than that, by Gar!
Silly prose
And doggerel, too
Write and write
Until you're blue!
So, come join in
The water's fine!
It beats a Lim
in meter and rhyme!

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