Insidious Prevalence

'I love you and you love me'
The respect we feel: universally
Is in my head, intangible
We hide too much behind the wall
Sharing things that make us real
Can surely help the way we feel
But still inside there lies the fear
To be so close, and oh so near
I see the way you treat yourself
Emotions way up on a shelf
Afraid to touch, afraid to see
That you are very much like me
So we type the 'l love you's'
And think we're paid up with our dues
Living in quiet desperation
Surrounded by our desolation
Watching as the horror rises
Daily sins no more surprise us
'l hate you and you hate me'
Is spoken with civility
The anger grows, it knows no bounds
We studiously ignore the sounds
The petty crimes insidiously
Pervading life so willingly
Despondency springs up in schools
Where violence seems to be the rule
And still we hold the world at bay
Let isolation pay our way
Instead of reaching out with care
Respecting life within the glare
Of such enormous obstacles
Silence becomes a receptacle
In which to hide our hopes away
For that time, we hope and pray
When how l look and who l love
Won't define and be enough
To hurt and kill and maim with ease
And the rage in us will be appeased

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