My lips move slowly over pliant flesh,
Causing nerves to twitch
Beneath the surface,
Tantalizing my senses.
Nibbling along the swell of her breast
The pert and puckered flesh of a dusky bud
Hardens at my touch
As it dances along the tip of my tongue.
The promise of her throaty moan
Infuses me with ardor,
Urging me on to nether places
Where moist tissues beckon.
My tongue moves slowly over silken curls
Inciting goose flesh to raise
Along my heated skin.
I lie pillowed against her mons,
Reveling in the scent
That rises to fill my mind.
The sweet essence of her being
Eclipses any savory delight
Under heaven and earth,
Making me drunk with its
Heady perfume.
I melt in her embrace,
Reeling from the bliss
Of our commingling.
Never sated, never assuaged;
Content to forever
Burn with my desire.

March 7, 1999

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