Imperceptible Melodies

Growing up with ears that heard what others didn't
I was always moving to a rhythm that played in my mind.
I moved with steps so intricate and convoluted that
I could never hope to share it with a partner.
The life l lead was lived inside a bubble within a bubble,
Forever shielded from others that shared my dance;
My self imposed solitude accentuating the dichotomy
Of my existance, each side at odds with the other.
As I increased my knowledge, learning both love and desire
I began to see the steps needed to develop my skills,
Thereby expanding my own universe until finally
Those partners l longed to touch could build upon my
Dance steps and show me l was no longer alone.
I bear the bruises of such encounters proudly for l know
That there is one special person
Who shares my boundless curiosity,
My imperceptible differences,
Waiting for me, her eyes bright with anticipation.
My soul yearns for wholeness, to be encompassed once again
In the timeless embrace only fusion can bring.
Until then I keep dancing, learning through interaction that
Which will bring me closer to her sphere of influence.
Dancing as fast as I can.

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