I awaken from my dreams,
Feeling disoriented, lost, alone.
The image of something, so tantalizingly close,
Stays just beyond my reach.
It tickles my psyche, making me crave
What I do not have.
What I do not know.
I walk through my daze,
Looking, seeking, yet never finding,
That which eludes me.
I sleep, perchance to dream,
Reaching out once more,
Trying to grasp that which I now realize
Is truly within my grasp.
I see the outline, the shadowy image
Of what my heart hungers for, yearns for.
My heart soars with the irrefutable knowledge
That at last, my quest, my desire can be realized.
I awaken, stumbling out of bed,
And see a specter beckoning to me.
There lies my cipher,
My liberation, and I reach for her
In the darkness only to catch
My reflection smiling back at me.
We are the same yet different,
Each holding pieces we never knew
Were broken or missing.
Within those eyes lies the truth.
I cannot deny her any longer.
I am her. She is me.
Her wants and desires are my own.
I am humbled for I see
That my very salvation
Lies within myself.
To deny myself would be akin
To denying my own place in the universe.
Who am I to question the mind of a god?
I am me.
No more, no less,
Just the sum of my parts.

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