For Eternity

The God of War stood proud and tall

Savoring death as he grinned

He watched as the battle raged on

Defying him had Xena sinned

She'd turned away, so brash and strong

Traded his favour for that of a bard

He needed her where she belonged

So he played out his last card

He loosed his arrow fast and true

And watched with apparent glee

As green locked with eyes of blue

They'd be apart for eternity

"Xena, it hurts!" is what she said

And a knife did pierce Xe's heart

Before she could help, the bard was dead

And Xena's world just fell apart

As the warrior wailed up to the sky

The foundations of Olympus shook

Hades cringed and gave a great sigh

His duty now plain in his look

He sent his oath so fair and free

He had to right Ares wrong

They'd be together for eternity

Together where they belonged.

February 4, 1999

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