Destiny's Quest

Xe and I, starin up at the sky
Thankful our day is done.
Fightin with might, doing what's right
From dawn til the settin sun.
She does her best to get off her chest
All the nasty and cruel things she done.
Travelin o'er Greece and making the peace
She'd atone 'til she thinks she's won.
But I already know, seeds of forgiveness will grow
And Hades will grant her reprieve
Cos he could see her good heart, right from the start
Her Destiny the Gods did weave.
As I look across that space and gaze at her face
And see my love look back at me!
I had thought she was dead, it filled me with dread
Now Death's cold vision will never be.
Cos who can say, had Cortese not come that day
Where Xe of Amphipolis would be?
I know I would wait as the Fates would dictate
For the Warrior Princess, my destiny.

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