My head is too heavy, my heart too weary.
The pain spreads across my shoulders
Radiating down my arms.
Sorrowful eyes clenched tightly and
My heart beats like an bee, trapped
In a bottle, filling my ears, drowning hope.
Gathering strength, I open my eyes
And find myself hanging, suspended
Over an endless pit of darkness.
My fingers are bent over like talons
Trying to find purchase, trying to delay
Wanting and needing and yet still unable
To ask for something, anything to stop my fall.
Closing my eyes once more, so tightly, that a
Million stars invade my being, burning a path
Along every vein, every nerve, every muscle.
Feeling an anguished scream, ready to be born
Trying to burst from my very soul.
And yet.
Where there is light there must be hope.
Where there is pain there must be life.
And my scream turns into a defiant roar
As my crooked fingers dig deeper into the
Harsh surface of my life.
I won't let go.

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