Delusia's Suite

Delusia's a place where singing's no crime
Where all you need do is make a quick rhyme
As Gabby and Xe were lying in sand
Did anyone see Xe reach out a hand?
Who really knows just what they do
When out of the shot and away from the crew?
Some Xenites think they cuddle up close
Does Gabby get stoic and Xena verbose?
Some like to think they share more than a kiss
But PTB aren't talking, they're side stepping this
Whether Gen or Alt their love's plain to see
Cos they share a bond thru eternity.
The 'verse has a fix on you
PTB play some tricks on you
We'll never know if they 'do it' or not.
Gamble the worth of Xe and let her bed Gabby
Don't shy away, oh PTB!
If it is written, please don't erase!

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