Cyber Lover

It will be my lust you feel when you shut down your monitor,
Close down your evening of frivolity and climb the stairs to bed.
I'll be the woman in your dreams that holds you like no other can,
That will touch every part of your body, pinning you to the bed
In such a way as to leave no doubt in your mind as to whose woman you are.
And it will be my name you cry in the night as you feel your legs parted,
Your self entered and your soul cleansed of realities hardships.
When you close your eyes it's my fingerprints that are left on your body
And my breathe that sears your lungs after lying the night with me.
It will be my teeth that leave phantom marks that only you can see as
You towel yourself off after feeling me pressing against you,
Mashing your breasts against the cold tiles, my form imprinted upon your body.
When you awaken in the morning to twisted sheets damp with the dew
Of our dreamscape trysts, you will know me.

August 20, 1999

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