Cuming of the Day

Fingers just a twitchin
Clothin is askew
Things are just a bitchin
I'm sniffin after you

If you think yer safe,girl
Just you remember this
I'd love to play with your curls
And seal it with a kiss

Run my tongue along it
And slipping deep inside
I nibble upon your clit
And give you a sweet ride

Tell me that you love me
And cry out loud my name
Immerse you deep in love's sea
For all in love's a game

As I ride you sweetly
Let nothing us dismay
And we will fuck repeatly
Til dawn turns into day

You lie within my arms now
An angel in my bed
A kiss upon your sweet brow
You came where you were led.

So now l'll let you go then
And you be on your way
If you need me, say when
And I'll brighten up your day.

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