Words of wisdom
Words of delight
They touch me, bless me
Give me sight
Strung together
A string of pearls
Glistening globes
Or ebony swirls
All alone,
Distinct and one
Each has the power
A deed undone

Words of anger
Words of spite
Spoken rashly
Then contrite
Blackened clouds
Filled with rain
Acid tears
Fall with disdain
Rage and sorrow
Hand in hand
Wounded hearts
That will not mend

Words of loving
Words of care
Passion's words
Lover's despair
Painting pictures
Stories told
Weaving words
With love are bold
Each so rich
Like cherry wood
They touch our soul
Just as they should

Open wide
And let them in
Glean their essence
Through the din
But feel them touch you
Caress your soul
Each has a purpose
Each has a goal
But best of all
Is that unspoken
The longing looks
Of hearts unbroken

June 7, 1999

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