Cobalt Glare

She stands alone
Cobalt squinting into the noonday sun
Its rays dancing along the swirls of armour
Along the hard cold edge of her smile
Eyebrow cocked
Burning steel tight within her fist
Her ululating cry sings out
And every heart is seized by an invisible vise
Held fast in the sure knowledge that they may run
They may hide
But sooner or later
They'll fall before her
On their knees in subjugation
Their hearts easily surrendered
Whether on the battlefield
Or in their steamy, passionate
Well journeyed fantasies
Forever out of reach and denied
Vanquished by a sea of green
An oasis of honeyed skin
A cap of silk so fine
As to deny description
It is her voice that resounds
Within the battlements of
The Warrior Princess

June 19, 1999

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