And I Will Love You Always

I said that I loved you and you answered me, 'I know'
Then you said, 'I love you, too' but the words just didn't flow
My ego bent and formed and I didn't hear the pause
I offered you a future and you amended with a clause
The times we had were plenty, the love we shared so fine
As I feel you leave me, I confess that I was blind
You gave your heart to me but now you say goodbye
I can hardly bear it, it's like something in me died
The images of us on a reel within my mind
Forever playing softly, where my hopes and dreams reside
We've talked so many times and still it troubles me
That the love is strong and sure but 'us' you cannot see
But I shall love you always, so deep within my heart
Even though I always knew there was doubt right from the start
So I'll dream of holding you so tender in the night
And bear the burden knowing that for you this choice is right


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